Pole Paint –

Cleaning poles preparing them to be painted or wrapping and taping poles, preparing for shipment Lifting, bending, lifting, pulling, and walking.

Fixture Paint –

Hanging lighting fixtures on an overhead conveyor system, the after parts have been painted, taking off conveyor system and packing for shipment.

Also, we are going to start giving a tour for all candidates. Once we get the resume from the agency, we will let you know when a tour will be. We will hold tours as many times as needed to keep the hiring process moving forward.

This will give the candidates a chance to see the environment and understand the job before they decide if this will be a good fit. It will also give the managers a chance to meet them as well. The tour will be a group tour and last only about 15 minutes. After this, given all parties are on board, we can have the start date as soon as the next day.

Job Requirements:

  • Load and unload coating machine
  • Spraying and coating application procedures
  • Perform any job in the coating department
  • Document coating process information as per SOP
  • Set up and calibrate coating equipment
  • Retrieve fallen lenses from coating machine
  • Confirm coating type and operation procedure
  • Load and unload coating machine
  • Remove any excess coating and perform manual touchup of any areas the coating machine
  • Weigh coating ingredients as per formula in order to prepare coating solution/color solution
  • Operate and clean all coating and solution preparation equipment used in the coating operation
  • Document coating process information as per SOP
  • Prepare coating solution/color solution
  • Perform any job in the coating department
  • Perform product changeovers to the coating machine
  • Work on the pipe coating line department
  • Make any machine adjustments necessary during the coating
  • Recommend process maintanence schedules for all coating equipment
  • Differentiating coating color on coated coupon or parts
  • Troubleshooting techinical coating issues in all regionall facilities

Associated topics: coat, conformal coater, dirt, grind, grit ballast, plater, powder, rubber, spray, wax

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