As a Location Manager at Central Valley Ag, you will be responsible for the management of inventory, equipment and facilities at the agronomy and grain location by performing the following duties personally or through subordinates.


1. Oversees finances for the location.

2. Oversees day to day operations of the elevator.

3. Regulates operations of liquid and dry fertilizer, chemical, seed and ACS.

4. Monitors the quality of grain.

5. Manages employees at the location.

6. Maintains fiscal responsibility for the location through margins, volumes, asset allocation, expense control and inventory maintenance.

7. Follows approved procedures for buying and selling grain.

8. Manages the customer base through excellent customer service and customer relations.

9. Oversees accounting functions at the location.

10. Oversees the physical assets of the location.

11. Regulates the inventory at the location.

12. Manages the customer base through excellent customer service and customer relations.

13. Market the location’s products, services with knowledge of these products and services.

14. Interacts with management at other locations to maximize the agronomy product assets.

15. Assists with scale operations.

16. Keeps Supervisor/Agronomy Management Team appraised of inventory levels.

17. Comply with current Central Valley Ag credit policies.

18. Assists other divisions and locations as needed.

19. Maintains and promotes a safe work environment.

20. Performs other duties as assigned.


Yes – oversees 4 to8 subordinates.


• Above average speaking and writing skills.

• Good time management skills.

• Good problem solving skills.

• Must be able to manage financial resources, operational resources and personnel resources.

• Good judgment and decision making skills.

• Mathematics and accounting skills to solve problems, perform calculations and must be able to understand fundamental accounting skills.

• Must be able to speak effectively before groups of customers or employees of organization.

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