Welcome to 2K Feeders!  We’re a family oriented, diversified farming operation in Burns, KS covering row crops and our feed yard that is a major part of the operation. We are located about 45 miles northeast of Wichita. We’re committed to providing excellent service to each one of our customers, employees, and the numerous consultants we work closely with. We uphold the value of honesty, integrity, and grit throughout our agricultural operation and we are looking for someone who shares the passion we have for agriculture and in doing things the right way.
We’re hiring for a Cattle Foreman to join our team. This role will allow you to take leadership of the animal health side of the feed yard. You would be in a hands-on role that works closely with the team to carry out the day-to-day operations spending about half of the day on horseback while also feeding and cleaning pens.

We’re looking for someone that has an agricultural background that would be comfortable in a role where you are operating and working alongside the team. The ideal candidate would bring integrity, hard work, and dedication to the operation.

Current Operation: We’re farming 2,600 acres in a no-till rotation of corn followed by wheat and double crop soybeans. In addition, our feed yard is a major part of the operation including 4,000 head of cattle that is a part of the Beef Marketing Group.
We Offer a competitive compensation, paid vacation and time off, and retirement match. We operate from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm.

An ideal candidate would bring: 

  • Farming, pen rider or ranch experience
  • Proven ability to work with a team along with leadership skills
  • High level of honesty, integrity, and dedication


  • Coordinate with the team on operational tasks, logistics, livestock health management, planning, and day-to-day execution of feed yard practices.
  • Lead day-to-day operations maximizing efficient use of labor, equipment and time. 
  • Maintain the cleanliness, organization and appearance of the feed yard and machinery.
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