Last April, a new milk-pricing policy was implemented by the Canadian province of Ontario. The policy imposes import taxes on ultra-filtered milk, which is a liquid protein concentrate that is used to make cheese. Before this, imports like this had been duty-free under the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement.

Because of the new policy from Canada, several dairy producers in New York and Wisconsin have been affected and claim that it prevents American farmers from being able to fairly compete. Trump claims that the new policy is a “one-sided deal.”

On Tuesday, April 18th, Trump spoke in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He stated that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Senator Ron Johnson, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and he would be contacting the Canadian government to negotiate a solution. Trump also stated that they are not just looking for answers, they want a solution.

Earlier this year, Trump had talked positively about trade with Canada, stating that the trade relationship would only need a little bit of tweaking. He also stated that he believes the United States is going to have a great relationship, if not even better than before.

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