Trump Establishes the Inter-agency Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Prosperity

On April 25th, Trump held a “Farmers Roundtable” to address and discuss issues that are facing American agriculture. The U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, was present at this meeting, along with representatives from all areas of the agriculture community who were able to point out concerns and offer ideas. Some of the topics discussed during the meeting include agricultural trade, regulatory reform, labor issues, and the Farm Bill.

Trump issued an executive order that established the Inter-agency Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Prosperity. Perdue will serve as the task force’s chairman. According to the executive order, “it is in the national interest to promote American agriculture while protecting and supporting the rural communities where food, forestry, fiber, and renewable fuels are grown.”

The task force will be responsible for examining and discussing several issues, including how innovation and technology may have a huge role in long-term, sustainable rural development. They will examine crop protection tools used by farmers and address concerns about labor that is needed for livestock and year-round agricultural jobs. The panel will also focus on tax polices and look for ways to improve food safety and the implementation of food safety laws.

The task force is required to issue a report containing recommendations for legislative or administrative actions within 180 days. It will be made up of representatives from several cabinet agencies and executive branch departments, including the secretary of treasury, secretary of commerce, and the secretary of labor, just to name a few.

Photo credit: The Odyssey Online, KNEB

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