Have you ever heard of a Geep?

The Garrett farm, located in Rockport, IN, is now home to a newborn “geep”. A geep is a hybrid of a goat and a sheep, and they are typically impossible to produce by simple breeding. When bred, they can produce a sheep, goat, or hybrid offspring. It all depends on the DNA that is present in the reproductive organs.


(Photo credit: Daily Mail)

Sheep and goats belong to different genetic families. Sheep have 54 chromosomes while goats have 60 chromosomes. Because of this, breeding is usually unsuccessful.

Geeps are typically stillborn, making the one born on Garrett Farm very rare. There are only a few documented cases of geeps, and the family plans to do genetic testing on theirs to confirm that it is a geep.


(Photo credit: Johannah Garrett)


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