President Trump Speaks About Agriculture in Iowa

President Donald Trump made a visit to Iowa recently to speak about agriculture. After taking a tour of the precision agriculture training program at Kirkwood Community College, he spoke to Iowa agriculture leaders first before speaking to an arena full of Trump supporters.

Trump talked about rebuilding rural America, and promised to do so. He also announced that a rural section with an emphasis on broadband connectivity will be included in his $1 trillion infrastructure plan, which is to be released soon. After being under recent scrutiny from some rural democrats, he also mentioned things he has already done in order to act upon his campaign promises.

He also pledged to protect corn-based ethanol and biofuels, and stated that he was working to eliminate the estate tax. Many have called this tax the “death tax.” Trump claims that it is an unfair tax and that he wants to get rid of it.

Trump also talked about trade. He stated that American farmers and ranchers were the best at what they do, but do not currently have the opportunity to compete on a level playing field due to current trade agreements. He brought up the North American Free Trade Agreement, and promised that it will either be renegotiated or terminated.

On top of being a discussion on agriculture in the United States, the event was a farewell to former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad. Branstad is Trump’s pick for ambassador to China, and he will be heading to Beijing soon.

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