Sundrop Farm is officially the first farm to grow vegetables without using soil, pesticides, fossil fuels, or groundwater. Sundrop Farms is located in the South Australian desert and uses a new type of greenhouse farming to produce 15,000 tons of tomatoes per year.

A team of international scientists have worked over the past six years to come up with the design. Seawater is piped in from the Spencer Gulf. Once there, a solar-powered desalination plant removes the salt. This creates enough fresh water to irrigate 180,000 tomato plants inside the greenhouse.

Pesticides are not needed since the saltwater sterilizes the air. The plants grow in coconut husks instead of soil. The solar power is generated by 23,000 mirrors that reflect sunlight toward a receiver tower.

To read more about the new, futuristic-looking greenhouse and what the future outlook for it is, click here:  and watch the video below.


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