This company will pay you a bonus to quit your job

There’s a cloud-consulting company in the health-care industry that is paying their employees a bonus to quit.   I was a bit skeptical at first but after reading I find it an interesting perspective on a way to retain top talent.  The first question you’re probably asking is why would they do that?  The bonus is only an option for new hires within 45 days of being hired.  If the job isn’t what was expected or they’re unhappy the new employee can accept 10 percent of their base salary as a bonus and leave the company.  The CEO of the company believes that if an employee is unhappy with the job they’ll be looking for a job anyway while you’re paying them so this way it doesn’t waste company time.  This helps the company keep only employees who want to be there and their retention rate is nearly 100%.  Read more here

Ryan Young, AgHires

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