Through the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Research and Extension Experiences for Undergraduate Fellowships program, awards totaling more than $5 million were given to 18 universities in the United States. Cornell University was awarded $281,475.

The federal funding Cornell received will go to students who are pursuing research and experimental learning opportunities that are focused on food, agriculture, human sciences, and natural resources.

The fellowship program’s goal is to help undergraduate students enter the agriculture workforce. Agriculture is a growing industry with a need for more workers. By helping and encouraging students who are pursuing agriculture, the workforce will continue to grow.

In a news release, Senator Charles Schumer said that this funding will “increase students’ opportunities to gain critical new skills.” He also stated that he believed that agriculture programs, like the one at Cornell, are “vital to growing and strengthening our agriculture sector.”

These funds going to Cornell, and other agriculture programs at universities throughout the United States, will help continue to grow opportunities for agriculture students.

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