Making a Push for More Women in Agriculture

In an attempt to bring more women into the agriculture industry, Illinois Agri-Women held the Women Changing the Face of Agriculture event. The event is intended to expose high school and college students to the wide range of career opportunities that agriculture provides.

Over 500 young women attended the event. The president of Illinois Agri-Women, Susan Wall, said the event has grown so large that they had to turn people away this year. One goal of the event was to show that in addition to farming, there are several other career opportunities within the agriculture industry. There is estimated to be over 200 different types of careers. Some of the career paths that were highlighted during the event were grain analyst, logistics analyst, and a recruiter for a large agricultural company.

Agriculture is a steadily and quickly growing and advancing industry. With the growth and advancement, more people are needed within the industry. It is important to teach younger generations about the significance of agriculture and to encourage them to pursue a career in the industry.

The number of women farmers is steadily increasing. The amount of farms run by women doubled in the time period of 1978-2005. And it seems that women continue to want to be involved in other ways. According to Wall, women make up one-third of participants in a locally held agriculture leadership class that is geared toward mentoring emerging professionals.

To read more about the Women Changing the Face of Agriculture event, click here.

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