Supply Chain Management and Logistics Intern

ADM offers a unique opportunity to immediately apply supply chain management and logistics principles to our vast transportation network of 28,600 rail cars, 1,844 barges, 590 trucks, 1,320 trailers, and 10 oceangoing vessels. SCM/Logistics interns will be challenged to develop dedicated solutions and achieve timely results in a dynamic transportation environment.

Key components of supply chain management and logistics at ADM include:

  • Drive process improvement with root cause analysis
  • Build and execute daily transportation plans
  • Communicate with partner carriers to implement ADM transportation strategy
  • Develop effective freight rate structure through negotiations with carriers
  • Understand the impact of ADM product and commodity market conditions on the ADM supply chain
  • Create and manage key performance indicators


  • Pursuing a four-year degree in supply chain management, logistics, or a related field.
  • Preferred GPA of 2.8 or greater
  • Open to relocation to Decatur, Illinois

There’s a place at ADM that will engage your mind, stimulate your professional development, and satisfy your hunger to make a vital difference. Are you ready to find a place to feed your passion?

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