Kentucky Heritage Hemp Co. – is a Limited Liability Co., the majority of which is owned by Peterson Farms.  The company’s purpose is to produce high quality CBD oil in a managed environment with 100% traceability.  Kentucky Heritage produces Certified Organic oil, as well as basic oil and distillates which will be sold wholesale to retailers of private brand CBD oil.   Our company’s production facility is located in Cox’s Creek, KY.   The company name evokes the Petersons long history of farming, and Kentucky’s long heritage in the hemp industry.  

The Supply Chain Logistics Planner is responsible for all company inventory, its integrity, security and distribution.  The agent works with the Director of Laboratory to assure 100% traceability and proper labeling of all products, and maintains an accurate computer based inventory and management system.  This position controls and directs outbound shipments of products; manages the disposal and use or distribution of any byproducts and wastes.   The Supply Chain Logistics Planner works closely with the Director of Laboratory and the Marketing Agent to assure a high quality of service to end customers.

We offer a competitive wages along with one amazing work environment where your efforts and ideas are recognized. 


  • Works directly with the Purchasing Agent and the Director of Laboratory to coordinate production and fill orders on a timely basis.
  • Manages work-flow in the post-production side of the plant, assuring adequate and proper inventory storage and its security.
  • Tracks all inventory within a computer based system and provides weekly/monthly/annual  production records and inventory values to management.
  • Coordinates with the Office Manager any customer visits to the plant as well as all outbound traffic/shipments of products.   This includes scheduling and hiring any trucking/shipping services; acquisition of insurance or other needed services to move products to customers.
  • Provides disposition, tracking and reporting on all other materials/wastes moving through the plant (this may include terpenes, THC, and well as processed biomass).
  • Assures all distribution and other post oil production processes comply with Certified GMP standards.
  • Manages all supply needs for the building, for both incoming materials and final products.  Works with other departments to assure proper inventories are on hand to keep production steady and prevent outages.  Negotiates with suppliers and tracks purchases within and inventory system.
  • Coordinates the billing for all products working with the Marketing Agent, Office Manager and accounting team.
  • Provides direction and supervision on overall plant security needs.
  • Performs other duties as assigned. 


  • Knowledge and understanding of supply chain dynamics.
  • Ability to develop accurate inventory controls, reporting, shipping and billing systems.
  • Superior communication skills that keep all parties informed with no surprises.  This includes working with external customers as well as teams within the plant.
  • Strong scheduling, coordinating and negotiating skills.
  • Ability to adhere to Certified GMP standards.  
  • Ability to provide thorough reporting to management.
  • Knowledge of inventory control and security, as well as plant security.


  • College degree in a related field (logistics) or at least 2 years of experience in Supply Chain/Logistics management.  Salaried position with benefits.  Job may require fluctuating and sometimes extended hours.  
  • Must be highly computer skilled  (Microsoft Office platforms, including Word, Excel, others.) with experience in inventory/distribution.


Kentucky Heritage Hemp team members are:

  • Honest, dedicated and hardworking.
  • Respectful and compassionate to the needs of others
  • Thirsty for knowledge and self-improvement,
  • Passionate for what we do, and enjoy our work
  • Involved in fostering a Team Environment that promotes achievement and excellence.
  • Focused on a Safe Workplace at all times.  
  • Practice responsible stewardship and conservation that result in long-term productivity and value creation.


  • Valid driving licensed driver with safe driving record
  • Ability to physically walk fields, handle materials and lift materials up to a 40 lbs.
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