Job Description General Information:
Department: Sales/Agronomy
Location: Based out of Stockton CA, traveling to CPS facilities within Division

Position Summary:
The purpose of this position is to give entry level exposure to college students or recent graduates to learn the opportunities and operations of CPS. The intern will spend their time at branches within the division, learning the operations and culture of the branch. A large portion of the intern’s time will be spent promoting CPS. The intern will complete a project during the intern period.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Weekly projects and assignments based on CPS needs which could include;
    • Shadowing established PCAs/Crop Consultants
    • Assisting Field Checkers
    • Assisting Delivery Drivers/ Warehouse staff
    • Learning Fertilizer operations
    • Increasing product awareness by counting inventory with warehouseman
    • Assisting the Customer Service Representatives/Admin Assistants
    • Marketing by key placement of field signs and involvement at local field days
    • Attend company field days
    • Conducting farm trails
    • Working with echelon and NS Tracker
  • Work with Nutri-scription & echelon programs.
  • Conduct regular scheduled evaluations of seed and proprietary product trials.
  • Provide assistance to PCAs/Crop Consultants and operational staff at branch locations.
  • Assist with Loveland and Proprietary product trails.
  • Maintain and observe safe working conditions at branch locations and report any unsafe working conditions to facility manager.


  1. Obtain experience with the retail operations at CPS, project presentation skills, and working in a team environment.
  2. Gain experience with regional crops, IPM, pest management, plant nutrition, seed traits and crop technologies.
  3. Develop customer relationship skills by working with and observing interactions between PCAs and growers.
  4. Positive summer experience to enhance future skills as an PCA

Other Information:
Wage: Hourly wage will be determined by division and may be subject to experience.

Student Benefits: CPS will issue a company cell phone and a company vehicle to drive during assigned work hours. The vehicle will be available from the time the intern arrives at their assigned branch and the vehicle must be returned to the assigned branch location at the end of each work day.

Internship Length: Projected internship will be conducted during the students summer semester (dates dependent upon college)

Intern Requirements: Interns will be responsible for proper work attire (including boots/rain gear), and must live within a daily driving distance to the Divisional office (housing assistance is not provided). The intern will be required to pass a pre-employment physical and drug screen test and must have a clean driving record. The work week hours will be flexible with a potential for odd hours if required by the Facility Manager. Intern must be accommodating and willing to work.

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