Seeking creative, passionate, engineering minded software engineers looking for an environment with a core set of values anchored in trust, autonomy and a relentless focus on user experience. At Cargill, we’ve recently established a dedicated team of software engineers whose sole responsibility is to rapidly develop software solutions with and for our business partners and customers. Across all of our businesses, we are embarking on a journey to digitalize our product lines, and this team will act in partnership with our businesses to bootstrap those digital offerings.

If you wonder whether your work here will matter to the world, just contemplate our company mission statement: “Nourish the World”. I dare you to find a more interesting company to work for in any industry, and you can have an impact. And if you’re concerned that the work may become repetitive, fear not. Cargill is the largest privately held organization in North America – it’s opportunities couldn’t possibly be more diverse. And, what’s better than working for a family-friendly company headquartered in your backyard in the west metro of the Twin Cities? Our team operates almost entirely out of Hopkins, with our core business partners located in Wayzata and a user base spread across the world in 60 countries.

We are seeking to staff additional software engineers on this team. Strong candidates will have experience throughout the entire development stack and a broad background in custom software engineering. You probably have your favorite space to work in (UX/UI, services, infra code, backend, etc.), but we do our best to promote cross-functional behaviors. Most commonly, we pair up developers in teams of 2 (not pair programming, per se), with timebox lengths dependent on the scope of the work (is it a prototype we’re building, or an MVP?). Our team positions ourselves similar to a product development shop, in that we invite our business partners and customers to engage us in their digitalization transformation, where we provide them working software prototypes as part of their discovery activities. We place users at the center of our universe, leveraging DevOps tooling to facilitate feedback loops that often times are less than a day. In that spirit, it’s essential that you be both well rounded and willing to learn new technologies in a short amount of time to support the goals of the work.

Sound Awesome? It is. Once we start talking, we’ll happily introduce you to any of the other members of the team and have them tell you all about it.

Principal Accountabilities

75% Software Development

• Be creative, be collaborative, be interested, be driven

• Write well designed, testable, efficient code

• Integrate software components into a fully functional software system

• Participate in a dynamic development environment where solutions evolve daily as customer demands emerge over time.

• Implement modern engineering practices to ensure product quality (e.g., test automation, CI/CD practices), where appropriate.

• Facilitate/lead/participate in identification of solution options to meet customer and technical requirements

• Provide hands-on designs, prototypes, and implementations incorporating software engineering best practices, tools and monitoring according to industry best practices.

15% Business Analysis and Partnering

• Regularly interface with architects, analysts, process designers, business SMEs, and users to understand and evaluate business requirements.

10% Community/Team Leadership

• Be an advocate for sound decision making, in the spirit of empowering your colleagues and team to pursue the best technology choices possible given the constraints we ask you to operate in.

• Coach other development teams at Cargill on best practices in software development.

• Act as an advocate and as a reference point for other members on the team by championing best engineering practices.

• High School Diploma or GED

• 5 years in the software engineering and IT Solution Delivery

• Working experience with Continuous Integration & Delivery practices (Jenkins, XLDeploy, Drone, etc.)

• Knowledge of public cloud services (AWS, preferably) and API’s

• Experience in an agile environment – focused on advocacy and puritan beliefs

• Varying depths of experience in a variety of programming languages and tools including: Java, JavaScript, C, Python, Ruby (on rails), Grails, R, etc, with a preference toward open source technology.

• Self-reliant, assertive, passionate and humble

• Ability to travel up to 10%

Preferred Qualifications

• Undergraduate in the sciences or arts, with training certifications in software development.

• Undergraduate or masters in computer science or related field

• Experience with mobile development technologies such as: Xamarin, Swift, jQuery, Bootstrap, Iconic, etc.

• Experience with at least one Cloud Platform and Automation including: AWS, Azure, Google, VMWare, OpenStack, etc.

• Experience with at least one configuration technology including: Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, etc.

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