Peterson Farms is a growing family operation located in Central Kentucky which manages over 17,000 acres and produces various agricultural products.  The company is structured and positioned for successful growth today and in the future.

The Silo Storage Production Manager is a hands-on individual capable of multi-tasking in a fast-pace environment.   This position is responsible for a 3 month Assignment at our Harrodsburg, KY facility engaged in processing raw hemp for our partner oil extraction company.  In this role, the Storage Manager receives incoming, harvested hemp; moves the material into a controlled holding facility; then works with the plant manager to feed material for daily production needs.   The position reports to the Drying Plant Manager. 

We offer a competitive wages along with one amazing work environment where your efforts and ideas are recognized. 


  • Receives harvested biomass (hemp) and stores the material in temperature controlled units for subsequent processing.
  • Monitors and assures Safe operations at the unloading and storage facility. This includes movement of trucks, unloaders, conveyors, etc., and people around them.
  • Communicates with Peterson Farm production manager regarding harvest schedules, and the specific lots,  varieties and quantity of hemp being harvested and readied for processing.
  • Monitors and directs all incoming/outgoing trucks with harvested biomass.
  • Controls the unloading process at the plant; and assures proper identification and labeling of the incoming material.  
  • Enters computer records to track lot numbers, variety specification and other data associated with the crop.  This data is critical to the operation and records are communicated with others, including the Dry Plant Manager.
  • Monitors storage side equipment and machinery to assure smooth operation and limit disruptions.
  • Works closely with and communicates frequently with the Dry Plant Manager to coordinate feeding harvested hemp into the drying process.   The Storage Manager is present at the plant during the full production day.


  • Organization skills –  Ability to be organized and detailed in tracking shipments; keeping material separate and isolated;  keeping 100% traceability in material records.  And being able to work with the harvest managers and drying plant manager to meet expectations.
  • Communication skills – Open communicator with good listening skills. Anticipates changes and fully communicates with others.
  • Adaptable – Can adapt and respond to changing conditions, especially harvest related weather and other conditions that might create a demand for longer process days.
  • Computer Skills  – Ability to use computers to prepare inventory records, labeling for materials and other process information needs.
  • Mechanical  ability – Familiarity with production equipment and basic mechanics.  Does not have to be detailed specialist, but can understand machinery problems, work with maintenance and others to resolve problems in the storage area. 
  • Safety minded –  Previous exposure, training and experience in plant safety a plus.


  • Must be computer skilled  (Microsoft Office platforms, including Word, Excel, others.)


Peterson Farm team members are:

  • Honest, dedicated and hardworking.
  • Respectful and compassionate to the needs of others
  • Thirsty for knowledge and self-improvement,
  • Passionate for what we do, and enjoy our work
  • Involved in fostering a Team Environment that promotes achievement and excellence.
  • Focused on a Safe Workplace at all times.  
  • Practice responsible stewardship and conservation that result in long-term productivity and value creation.


Requires physical stamina to be walking the facility.   Also requires physical strength to operate machinery and occasionally lift material up to 100 lbs.  

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