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We are hiring a Shipping and Inventory Specialist in Victor, NY who will be responsible and accountable for daily shipping orders, paperwork preparation and verification, data entry, coordinating truck loading/unloading, daily receiving of goods, proper goods and paperwork distribution, raw material put away, raw material inventory accuracy, inventory movement in manufacturing, cycle counting of raw materials, raw material organization, building production orders delivered by manufacturing. Operate forklifts and other equipment associated with warehouse/logistics responsibilities.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities: (in order of priority)

  • Actively participates in promoting, supporting and enhancing our company Values and Culture
  • Maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner that promotes cooperation with customers, collaborators, vendors, co-workers and management.
  • Working safely and following all safety rules
  • Load/Unload trucks with inbound and outbound shipments
  • Operate forklift and pallet jacks when required, after proper training and certification
  • Operate various packing equipment, including shrink wrap machine.
  • Assemble customer orders and match all paperwork for outbound domestic shipments
  • Assemble International customer orders for shipping
  • Perform a visual inspection of products being shipped and received; compares identifying information of counts, weights or other measures to verify information against BOL, invoice, receipt, packing slip or other records.
  • Follow up on all daily shipments to make sure they ship on time
  • Accept and process all paperwork for incoming customer returns timely according to customer RMA process
  • Accept and process receipts of incoming shipments and files associated paperwork (receipts, freight bills, invoices) with Accounting department
  • Perform putaway functions for raw material and finished goods
  • Check all incoming shipments and report shortages/damage to supply chain manager to contact vendor and process vendor RMA. 
  • Maintain raw material inventory accuracy through cycle count procedures and responsible for improving accuracy of raw materials
  • Responsible for raw material moves into manufacturing and working with the manufacturing team to ensure material is being picked properly and issued to jobs correctly
  • Contact freight carriers for domestic pick-up and any shipment delays or requested information.
  • Distribute employee deliveries timely
  • Responsible for raw material storage and organization in the warehouse
  • Process shipments for employees (tradeshow booth, product samples, sales/marketing materials)
  • Know and adhere to all standard procedures for packaging.  Weight dimensions and pallets.
  • Know and continually educated on all guidelines for the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA)
  • Ability to make recommendations on packaging to adhere to carrier regulations
  • Know and adhere to all regulations for shipping products internationally
  • Maintain organized and clean work area in designated section of warehouse
  • Performing all other duties as required by supervisor

Essential Qualifications, Education, Experience, Skills:

  • Education – Academic, technical, or commercial Associates Degree
  • Experience – Minimum of 5 years of warehouse/logistics experience
  • Complexity of Work & Decision Making – A variety of non-routine duties, not necessarily related, that require considerable judgment to work independently
  • Accountability –Finished work not regularly reviewed by supervisor. Performance of tasks and activities are reviewed by supervisor on a scheduled basis (performance evaluation process)
  • Consequence of Errors– Probable errors difficult to detect and may have adverse effect on outside or customer relationships
  • Customer Interactions – Regular contact with various levels of staff or other departments, furnishing or obtaining information. Contact may involve discussion of controversial issues; or contacts with external people where improper handling may affect results but the primary responsibility rests with the next higher level of supervision
  • Supervision Provided OR Job Impact-Collects or processes information or data and provides functional advice and guidance to individuals inside the immediate work area related to standard practices. Some evaluation or originality is required.
  • Environment and Use of Equipment/Machinery– Normal working conditions with occasional exposure to noise, dust, and/or heat, etc. or some element present that makes conditions less than desirable than usually found in an office
  • Dependable, Productive, High Quality, Proper Attitude
  • Computer skills to manage all required shipping, receiving, and inventory records
    • Specific proficiencies in NetSuite, Microsoft Word, EXCEL, Outlook, UPS shipping software programs.
  • Ability to work safely and follow all safety rules
  • Ability to work independently on routine work without constant supervision
  • Ability to learn and follow directions
  • Ability to work well with others within team
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to communicate well with various levels of staff or other departments
  • Ability to operate and train personnel in the proper use of material handling equipment
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