The primary responsibilities of this role, Seed Technician, are to:

  • Operate equipment and systems leveraging real-time data /Technology in own area with minimum settings adjustment and alignment with existing sops, promoting standardization and ensuring efficient production processes;
  • Provide standardized training and mentoring to seasonal workforce, area trainees and peers supporting achievement of personal development goals;
  • Ensure all upstream activities to production process are handled within company standards and business requirements (e.g., field inspection, grower contract);
  • Manage partnership with key business partners to plant / field operations (e.g., grower network);
  • Provide support in administrative procedures, documenting readings, maintenance orders and production information leveraging sap;
  • Assist in the preparation, review, and approval of key process documentation (operating, startup and shut-down procedure, standard work, process flow and instrumentation diagrams, etc.);
  • Perform preventive maintenance and inspections;
  • Troubleshoot problems associated with equipment, processes and systems as needed;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and adherence to Monsanto’s environmental Safety and health (ESH) and quality assurance/quality control (qa/qc) standards (e.g. general shop floor/machine safety and operating procedures);
  • Alert senior technician and leadership as needed when nonconformities in product or process variance occur;
  • Comply with internal procedures and support compliance with legal requirements applicable to area activities;
  • Help keep metrics and other relevant information current on visual boards to drive teamwork and facilitate shift change over;
  • Support areas across the plant in driving the adoption of 5s practices to maintain an environment conducive to work, aligning with the labeling and ordering of tools and keeping place of work swept and clean;
  • Participate in DDS (daily direction setting) meetings;
  • Engage in continuous improvement programs and identify opportunities to improve performance in accordance with production area, site an Monsanto goals;
  • Utilize focused improvement (e.g., 5whys) techniques to initiate process and standard work improvements;
  • Coach less experienced technicians on manufacturing standards and work.
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