Peterson Farms is a growing family operation located in Central Kentucky which manages over 17,000 acres and produces various agricultural products.  The company is structured and positioned for successful growth today and in the future.

The Quality Control Specialist is responsible for ongoing monitoring of the drying process to assure both incoming and outgoing material meet all production standards.  This position demands an analytical, detailed oriented individual who can act independently.   He/she constantly uses data to know the condition of the product and will communicate frequently with the plant manager to assure a quality output. This job is a 3-month Assignment at our Harrodsburg, KY facility engaged in processing raw hemp for our partner oil extraction company.  The QC Specialist will be on site during production, and reports to Peterson Farms Operations Officer. 

We offer a competitive wages along with one amazing work environment where your efforts and ideas are recognized. 


  • Monitors hemp biomass arriving at the dryer, continuously through the drying process, and at its emergence to assure proper moisture content and other conditions are as specified.
  • Insures 100% traceability of the product, making sure units, varieties and any unique characteristics are properly identified.
  • Uses computer data and process equipment readouts to measure content and provides real time information to the plant manager and others needing to know.
  • Acts independently and has responsibility to suspend operations when quality standards are not being met.
  • Works closely with the Packout Manager to assure materials leaving the drying facility are packaged to quality standards
  • Works to assure the overall conditions throughout the drying plant are consistent with Certification and process standards.
  • Monitors conditions within the plant to assure a safe working environment.


  • Organization skills –  Ability to be observant, organized and detailed in upholding quality standards, keeping material separate and isolated;  assuring 100% traceability in material records. 
  • Communication skills – Open communicator with good listening skills.  Provides analysis and information that helps the plant manager and pack out manager do their jobs.
  • Computer Skills  – Ability to use computers obtain data and input process records, information for labeling and other needs.
  • Analytical ability – Familiarity with key metrics of the product and the drying plant and can translate data into actionable information others in the plant use to maintain quality output.
  • Safety minded –  The QC manager is attentive to all plant operations and conditions. Previous exposure, training and experience in plant safety a plus.


  • Must be computer skilled  (Microsoft Office platforms, including Word, Excel, others.)
  • Can demonstrate analytical ability through previous education, work experience.


Peterson Farm team members are:

  • Honest, dedicated and hardworking.
  • Respectful and compassionate to the needs of others
  • Thirsty for knowledge and self-improvement,
  • Passionate for what we do, and enjoy our work
  • Involved in fostering a Team Environment that promotes achievement and excellence.
  • Focused on a Safe Workplace at all times.  
  • Practice responsible stewardship and conservation that result in long-term productivity and value creation.


Requires physical stamina to be walking the facility.  

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