Company Information
MKC is a full-service farm cooperative offering a complete line of products, programs and services for both farm and urban customers throughout Kansas. With a current membership of nearly 10,000 members, MKC specializes in grain, agronomy, energy, feed and risk management. Since its founding in 1965, MKC has expanded its footprint across 27 counties in Kansas through mergers and acquisitions to meet the needs of the producer, and continues to grow. More than 385 employees play an important role in the growth and success of the cooperative. Our culture is to be safe, courteous, professional, and innovative. We develop our employees by providing a system in which they can control the progress of their own careers. To learn more about career opportunities and MKC, visit Our Mission is to create customer, employee and partner success to provide a safe and sustainable food supply. Our Vision is to partner with customers to successfully navigate the complexity of modern agriculture and industry. Our Values are to focus on safety, courtesy, image and innovation.

Job Description
JOB SUMMARY: Responsible to sell feed and all related products in a manner that will optimize the cooperative’s market share and savings, improve the cooperative’s efficiency, help achieve the cooperative’s mission and goals, and result in outstanding customer service. This is done in conjunction with excellent counsel with producers to improve their bottom line returns in partnership with the cooperative. ESSENTIAL QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Good working knowledge of livestock nutrition. 2. Planning, Coordinating, Communication skills. 3. Organization and Analytical skills. 4. Ability to work with internal and external customers. 5. Ability to effectively communicate in person to groups of people or to individuals, along with strong written communication skills. 6. Ability to plan and coordinate meetings and events. 7. Organization and Analytical skills. 8. Able to work independently with minimum supervision. 9. Computer and data entry skills. 10. Ability to react to change productively and handle other essential tasks as assigned. 11. Ability to handle emotional customers and resolve complaints. 12. Completes special projects as assigned by your manager. #ZR

JOB DUTIES: 1. Competence in providing accurate feeding and management recommendations to livestock owners in the market served. 2. On farm interaction, in all-weather types at producer facilities for a walk through, and evaluations. 3. Increase our market share of feed and related products in assigned territory. 4. Maintain current customer base by ensuring delivery schedules to customers are conducted in a manner which increases customer satisfaction and customers are not lost due to careless performance. 5. Establish monthly sales goals, yearly sales goals, and gross margin goals for yourself and a marketing plan that is designed to meet the goals and objectives of your manager and personal goals set by your manager. 6. Submit and review sales call report with your manager on a weekly basis, submit a sales call recap report to your manager on a monthly basis, and review sales goals annually with your manager. 7. Develop target list of customers and make sales calls on all targeted potential customers in the trade area. Continually review opportunities for customer growth with your manager. 8. Make proper recommendations of products sold. Ensure no product problems result from your recommendations or installation of equipment. 9. Provide your manager with periodic reports of current competitor’s strategies and develop plans to counteract competition. 10. Be informed at all times of the cooperative’s prices on products and services and review with your manager every week. 11. Provide excellent customer service that exceeds customer expectations by creating a customer data base, making recommendations to customers to size storage systems for more efficient deliveries, sending samples to testing lab within 24 hours, responding to customer’s emergency calls the same day they are received, and resolve customer complaints within 10 days. 12. Coordinate installation of equipment within 2 weeks of the sale. 13. Implement Best Management Practices whenever consulting with the customers. 14. Maintain knowledge of government regulations that affect your position. 15. Maintain a positive attitude that promoted team work and a favorable image of Mid Kansas Coop. 16. Invoice all product deliveries promptly and accurately ensuring all sales tickets and cash receipts are turned in to the office daily and the customer gets a receipt. 17. Complete all reports required by your manager in a timely manner. 18. Enforce the credit policy of Mid Kansas Coop by making credit terms known to customers, not charging to customers on COD, not extending credit to customers not approved by the credit department, not authorizing customer charges that exceed set credit limits, and keeping your personal account current. 19. Uphold the policies of the cooperative. 20. Attend all product updates and training classes assigned by your manager. 21. Complete special projects assigned by your manager.

As one of the leading agricultural companies in Kansas, we believe employees play an important role in the growth and success of the company. We provide a competitive rate of pay, eligibility for a bonus at the end of the year, a multitude of professional development opportunities, and potential to move up in the organization. We also offer excellent benefits, including medical insurance, a pension retirement plan, a 401K retirement plan, vacation, sick, and holiday pay, among several other benefits. We support employees giving back to the community, and provide opportunities to do so with time and resources. At MKC, we believe each employee contributes directly to the growth and success of the company. Every job plays an essential role in the success of our member-owners and our company. We believe in shared growth and shared success for our partners, member-owners, and employees.

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