Job Responsbilities

1. Maintains knowledge of applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in order to
successfully perform job duties, and GLP regulations in order to implement appropriate
regulations as they apply to the non-clinical research environment and individual protocols.
2. Dispenses medications as prescribed by veterinarian and/or protocol specifications.
3. Performs and documents a variety of activities, including but not limited to, routine clinical
observations, charting of physiological data and animal health status, taking study-required
animal weights, documentation of maintenance medicine administration, etc.
4. Assists with procedure preparation by administering start-up medications, monitoring the
fasting of animals, and performing pre-procedure animal weights and clinical observations.
5. Monitors animals during their initial post-operative recovery, and during their critical recovery
phase on the days following surgery, including performing TPRs (temp, pulse, respiration),
auscultation of the heart and lungs, assessing pain of animals at incision sites, changing
wound dressings and administering medications.
6. Performs intravenous blood draws.
7. Performs preventive health maintenance such as administering maintenance medications,
administering anthelmintics and vaccinations, ointment applications, hoof and nail trims
including sedation as needed, bathing and ear cleaning.
8. Performs all aspects of veterinary care and general husbandry procedures according to
established procedures, guidelines and study protocols that meet the acceptable criteria of
the veterinarian.
9. Communicates with veterinary staff, supervisor and study directors regarding living conditions
and medical status of animals.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in related veterinary field (Animal Science, Veterinary Techology, Zoology, or Biology) OR LAT certification OR Certified Veterinary Technician
  • Knowledge or research animal physiology and pharmacology
  • Experience with larger animals (dogs, pigs, sheep, etc.)

Associated topics: bumc, care, laboratory, language, models, speech, speech language, technician ii, technician iv, technologist

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