Project Charter

HMI(Human Machine Interface) VOC 2019

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  1. Background:


As technology advances, users are expecting a more integrated and simipler user interface experience in the cab of their agriculture equipment.  This is due to a couple of factors.  Employers are struggling to hire and retain the talent required to be able to operate ag machines and advances in consumer technology is raising expectations for a user experience in other industries.  As AGCO develop new user interfaces on a common platform, we have to ensure that we are meeting market needs.


This project is aimed to develop an understanding of what customers are looking for in the latest user interface through discussion and observation of how they use their machines.  

  1. Scope:
    1. Train on current AGCO machinery
    2. Learn about developments coming from EFG for HMI
    3. Develop VOC plan in conjunction with marketing
      1. Travel plan
      2. Interview plan for
        1. Interview
        2. Observation of operations
      3. Data collection plan
    4. Execute VOC plan
    5. Develop VOC report out.
    6. Present findings
  2. Out-of-Scope / exclusions:
  3. Primary Objectives:
    1. Gain perspective on customer HMI expectations
    2. Identify 7-10 key points
    3. Prioritize key points
    4. Develop report
  4. Secondary Objectives:
    1. Report on any other perspectives gained about how RoGators are used.


  1. Initial Project Deliverables and Dates currently identified include:
    1. VOC plan: 06/01/2019
    2. VOC Report: 09/03/2019
    3. VOC Presentation: 09/15/2019
  2. Constraints:
    1. Completion of classes Spring Semester 2019
    2. Start of classes Fall 2019
    3. Customer availability
  3. Assumptions:
    1. Interns may have to work prior to classes ending in the spring.
    2. Interns may have to work after classes start in the fall to finish up the report.
  4. Concerns:
    1. How to handle intern travel expenses


  1. Risks:
    1. Weather


  1. Other Information:



Nearest Major Market: Jackson Mississippi
Job Segment: Agricultural, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Intern, Agriculture, Operations, Marketing, Entry Level

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