Position at Pilgrim’s

This is a 10-week program from June until August providing interns challenging, hands-on work experience in either a production or corporate business environment. JBS Interns work on meaningful projects and have the opportunity to present their work to company leaders. JBS has designed a world-class internship which includes:

  • A built-in mentoring program
  • Rotational peer shadowing
  • Networking opportunities with senior management

JBS offers lasting education, experience, class credit and a journey inside the world’s largest animal protein company.

What You Need

Are you:

  • In pursuit of your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree?
  • In good educational standing?
  • A strong critical thinker who can solve real problems?
  • The kind of person who thrives in a high-pressure and fast-paced environment?
  • An exceptional communicator who can easily talk to senior management and team members alike?

What do YOU get out of it?

In just ten weeks you’ll gain:

  • Challenging, hands-on work experience
  • Exposure to company management
  • Learn and experience the mission and values of a globally successful company
  • Potential class credit
  • Experience in a wide variety of business functions throughout our 300+ locations

Working with JBS is much more than an internship. It’s an opportunity to learn how we feed the world, work alongside the people who make this happen, while being immersed in the guiding values of this multi-billion dollar global food company. Visit to apply today!


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