Company Information
MKC is a full-service farm cooperative offering a complete line of products, programs and services for both farm and urban customers throughout Kansas. With a current membership of nearly 10,000 members, MKC specializes in grain, agronomy, energy, feed and risk management. Since its founding in 1965, MKC has expanded its footprint across 27 counties in Kansas through mergers and acquisitions to meet the needs of the producer, and continues to grow. More than 385 employees play an important role in the growth and success of the cooperative. Our culture is to be safe, courteous, professional, and innovative. We develop our employees by providing a system in which they can control the progress of their own careers. To learn more about career opportunities and MKC, visit Our Mission is to create customer, employee and partner success to provide a safe and sustainable food supply. Our Vision is to partner with customers to successfully navigate the complexity of modern agriculture and industry. Our Values are to focus on safety, courtesy, image and innovation.

Job Description
This individual is responsible to receive and accurately store all commodities according to assigned grade. To maintain the quality of that grain while in storage to a minimum of the condition it was received at. This position will blend the commodities in storage at the facility to a specific grade for shipment to end users. To keep the facilities clean at or above the requirements of all governing agencies. The person in this position will maintain the facilities and all the equipment in them to a minimum of the manufactures specifications. This position will help serve the customers of MKC in a kind and courteous fashion. It is expected of this position to work cooperatively with other employees to do the job in the safest and most efficient manner possible. The individual in this position will achieve all one’s recorded personal goals and the cooperatives strategic objectives.

1. Current operational knowledge of all machinery in elevator. Ability to make minor repairs unattended and assist with major repairs and to conduct scheduled maintenance on all equipment at the manufacturers specified times or on the maintenance plan schedule. 2. Good working knowledge of the properties of corn, wheat, soybeans beans, milo, and sunflowers. 3. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision. 4. Ability to obtain and maintain Class 7B Commercial Applicator License. 5. Ability to obtain and maintain Class A CDL with Hazmat and Tanker Endorsements. 6. Computer and data entry skills. 7. Ability to react to change productively and handle other essential tasks as assigned. 1. Handle incoming grain by weighing and testing the grain (if not done by another employee at the scale), unloading the trucks at into the facility, and conveying the grain to the correct bin utilizing the available storage space as efficiently as possible all while using caution as not to damage the grain. 2. Maintain the quality of the grain in the elevator by making periodic inspections of all stored grain, turn the grain only as necessary to maintain quality, and make recommendations to the location manager or elevator superintendent to help improve grain handling operation and provide better service and value for our customers. 3. Blend all grains as necessary when preparing to ship grain out of the facility to meet specifications of the receiving customer and to eliminate any grain quality discounts by the receiving customer. 4. Load the grain out in either rail cars or licensed highway vehicles according to the legal allowed weight of the transporting vehicle. 5. Provide grain drying services by grading and testing grain before and after grain drying operations assuring that grain is not over dried and unnecessarily shrunk. 6. Observe OSHA, state, federal, and MKC safety regulations. Promote a safety culture by proactively assessing all activities for dangerous circumstances. 7. Maintain equipment and facilities regularly to the manufactures specifications or the MKC maintenance program and follow housekeeping standards keeping facilities neat and clean. 8. Maintain a positive attitude that promotes team work within the cooperative and a favorable image of the cooperative. 9. Promote and maintain an attitude of teamwork and cooperation with all co-workers within the company. 10. Assist other locations and/or departments as requested. 11. Maintain all mobile equipment, non grain facilities, and vehicles in proper operating order, as well as keeping them clean and neat in appearance. In addition, all maintenance shall be documented in writing. 12. Maintain a positive visual image of all locations by keeping the property and grounds clean, neat and orderly in appearance. 13. Greet customers promptly and courteously with a friendly smile and a hello, thank them for their business, promptly and courteously answer the phone, assist customers with loading and unloading of products, work with customers to resolve problems and report complaints to your manager if you can not immediately fix them. 14. Provide outstanding customer service to generate repeat business. 15. Attend product, merchandising, and cooperative meetings and work to improve personal skills and knowledge. 16. When billing, loading, or assisting customers accurately state the pricing, type of product, and usage of the products. If delivery is required correctly state delivery times and terms. 17. Enforce the cooperative credit policy by making credit terms known to customers, not charging to customers on COD, not extending credit to customers without approval of credit manager, and not authorizing customers to exceed their credit limit.

As one of the leading agricultural companies in Kansas, we believe employees play an important role in the growth and success of the company. We provide a competitive rate of pay, eligibility for a bonus at the end of the year, a multitude of professional development opportunities, and potential to move up in the organization. We also offer excellent benefits, including medical insurance, a pension retirement plan, a 401K retirement plan, vacation, sick, and holiday pay, among several other benefits. We support employees giving back to the community, and provide opportunities to do so with time and resources. At MKC, we believe each employee contributes directly to the growth and success of the company. Every job plays an essential role in the success of our member-owners and our company. We believe in shared growth and shared success for our partners, member-owners, and employees.

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