Tempel Grain Elevators, LLP is a family-owned grain operation with three locations in Eastern Colorado. We’re hiring for the right person to join our team. We are hiring for a Grain Elevator Location Manager to oversee both our Bethune, CO (4 employees) and Vona, CO facilities.

We Offer competitive pay, potential for bonus and benefits including health, dental, vision, 401k and paid time off. Weekends and holidays may be required during harvest seasons.

Our ideal candidate brings:

  • The ability to lead a team ideally with prior experience in agriculture
  • Basic mechanical skills and ability to work extended hours during peak season
  • Strong ability to prioritize and problem-solve

Focus of Responsibility

  • Work in a safe and efficient manner, according to Tempel Grain’s Safety Policy.
  • Utilize good customer service skills at all times, when servicing and greeting customers, and when working with co-workers and other departments within the company as well as contractors, freight companies and other grain companies.
  • Help Tempel Grain be a positive presence in the communities we serve.
  • Listen to and resolve the more complicated/complex customer complaints and concerns and assist employees in resolving customer complaints or requests.
  • Demonstrate work habits that develop, build, and support the team concept within the organization.
  • Supervision of all Bethune/Vona area operations and personnel.
  • Schedule day-to-day workloads and assign various job responsibilities or ensure scheduling takes place and production levels and deadlines are being met.
  • Meet with other supervisors, merchandiser and team leaders to determine various staffing needs, equipment and facility needs. Monitor overall efficiency of area operations and people.
  • Ensure task procedures are set forth for each job.
  • Train people and ensure locations meet various government standards such as OSHA and FDA by conducting regular employee meetings to inform and educate.
  • Load railcars to meet contract specifications and develop a positive relationship with railroad employees. Help develop a consistent rail loadout program.
  • Monitor employee performance and ensure all employees comply and operate location equipment in a safe manner and safety policies are being followed.
  • Perform general housekeeping sweep and clean elevator and shop to comply with OSHA standards. Keep facilities and landscaping maintained in a manner that makes community, staff, and ownership proud of the facility.
  • Thoroughly clean and inspect bins when empty.
  • Perform general repairs at the facility.
  • Prepare and schedule maintenance bids from millwright and electrical companies.
  • Help develop the budget for operations and monitor the financial performance of the locations against the budget. Provide meaningful financial and operating information, projections, and analysis.
  • Monitor and maintain grain quality and storage on a weekly basis. Send weekly grain reports and housekeeping reports to Wiley at the end of each week.
  • General merchandising skills and understanding truck and freight rates in relation to elevator bids.
  • Establish and implement internal controls that will provide cost effective protection over the assets of the organization.
  • Develop a qualified staff that is competent to meet the technical and mechanical requirements of operating a grain elevator.
  • Monitor employee performance and ensures all employees comply and operate location equipment in a safe manner and safety policies are being followed.
  • Able to handle the day-to-day employee relation issues independently and effectively.
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