C&E Farms is a family owned and operated company, specializing in fresh market green beans. Our innovation has allowed us to become the largest grower-packer-shipper of fresh green beans, on the East Coast. Growing regions include Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

The position of Field Operations Manager is a dynamic job, which provides a rewarding experience, along with the opportunity to travel and see different places. The Field Operations Manager is responsible for determining harvest dates and yield estimates. They assist in planning planting schedules, coordinate harvesting and logistics of field trucks and oversee the completion of farm food safety procedures, policies and documentation.  Communication and coordination with packing facility and sales personnel, as well as field scout, is essential. Applicants should have general knowledge of vegetable production as well as knowledge in pest management. 

Benefits include company vehicle, paid vacation, and health insurance. Salary will be comparable to experience level. Year-end bonuses will be based on performance and production. 

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