Position Purpose

This position is responsible for supporting the trial, deployment, and continued implementation of Cargill Anova additive technology at customer asphalt plants and facilities. The position is vital for achievement of commercial volumes and target margins through eliminating operational barriers and technical hurdles to successful product trials, and efficient and effective incorporation of Cargill technology at customer facilities.

The individual will support the commercialization efforts of the Business Development Managers and Technical Manager by providing on-site support laboratory of mix design and additive evaluation process to customers incorporating Cargill products.

The position will also directly support and coordinate the implementation of product dosing systems at customer facilities through all stages including selection, logistics, installation, operation, and troubleshooting of the systems during trials and commercial start-up and continue this support for commercialized customers as needed.

Principal Accountabilities

30% Trial Support – Represent Cargill at customer trials to provide any support necessary to ensure trial success. Coordinate trial plan with customer’s key personnel and ensure that trial plan is properly understood by all involved personnel including but not limited to operations manager, tower operator, QC manager, technicians, paving crew, and agency representatives. Check and support proper implementation of input parameters in the plant control and automation system. Verify proper operation and calibration of product pump and dosing system. Provide complete and detailed documentation of trial process, observations, and outcomes.

30% On-site Technical Support – Remove technical barriers to adoption of Cargill products by providing technical support and assistance to customers during the mix design and evaluation process. Check and verify that target designs meet relevant specifications and the technical implementation strategy. Assist and support the quality control process during trials and commercial operation as needed. Collect and arrange shipment of samples of product, binder, and mixture from customer locations.

20% On-site Operational Support – Responsibilities include becoming familiar with customer facility operation and identification of facility needs for proper incorporation of product. Coordinate and support ordering, installation, troubleshooting, and operation of additive pump, incorporation system, and telemetry systems.

10% Develop and leverage understanding of targeted asphalt segment in terms of technical and operational needs, customer issues, and potential solutions to assist the Technical Manager and commercial team in development and refinement of product implementation strategies and technical support plans, leading to becoming the supplier of choice for key and strategic customers.

10% Any other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications


  • BA or BS in Civil/Mechanical/Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Material Science (Related Fields) OR 10 years of relevant asphalt experience (see Experience)


  • 5 years of technical or operational asphalt experience – plant management, operations management, QC management, or other relevant paving industry experience.


  • Ability to perform and understand asphalt volumetric mix design and quality control processes, and specifications.
  • Intimate familiarity with asphalt plant operation, controls, automation, and mechanisms.
  • Mechanical aptitude and ability to achieve complete understanding of additive pump and dosing systems, and interface with plant controls and automation system.
  • Perform under pressure to troubleshoot and solve problems that may occur during mix production and lay down. This requires excellent communication and problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to think quickly.
  • Ability to gain certification for asphalt mix design, QC, or other relevant certifications
  • Ability to build long-term, sustainable business-to-business relationships within organizations (both internally and externally)
  • Demonstrated collaboration, communication, and leadership skills

Preferred Qualifications


  • MS degrees in Civil, mechanical, or chemical engineering.


  • 10 years of technical or operational asphalt experience – plant management, operations management, QC management, or other relevant paving industry experience
  • Working experience with production of high recycle asphalt mixtures.
  • Working experience with asphalt additives


  • Certification for asphalt mix design, QC, or other relevant certifications #LI-JM1
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