Skyglo Farms is a family owned and operated Dairy Farm located 20 miles south east of Eau Claire, WI.  Along with our dairy we have about 440 acres of corn and alfalfa. We have a long tradition of farm and dairy in our family and the farm has been in our family for over 150 years.  We treat our employees as family and hope for the same in return.

We are currently hiring a Farm Manager – Herd Manager for our operation in Augusta, WI.  In this position you will be responsible for working with the owners and overseeing all daily operations including the general herd health, being able to step into any position at the farm, and ability to operate equipment as needed. 

We offer a competitive wage dependent upon experience and skills.

This job is for you if you have:

  • Experience with livestock / dairy herd as a herdsman, herd manager or other relevant farm or dairy experience.
  • Experience operating farm and/or dairy equipment.
  • A good work ethic, dependability, and honesty.
  • A great personality with a drive to work, ability to learn, and get things done.
  • Strong people skills and ability to work well with a team.

What you will be doing:

  • Working closely with owners and employees on daily dairy operation.
  • Manage all ages of cattle from newborn calves through lactating cows.
  • Assist in maternity and hospital pens and monitor youngstock area.
  • Oversee general herd health (foot trimming, vet, milking issues).
  • Additional field work as necessary with harvest and mixing feed for dairy.
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