Welcome to Ralston Farms.   We’re a family owned and managed farm located in Northeast Montana along the Missouri River.  We farm crops such as wheat, corn, peas, alfalfa as well as have a cattle feedlot. We work hard to take care of our crops and livestock and pride ourselves on getting the job done each day.

We’re Hiring

We’re currently looking for full-time year round or part-time Farm Hand / Ranch Hand / Farm Equipment Operator to be located in Brockton, Montana area. This position offers a wide variety of responsibilities where you will be operating farm equipment, maintaining equipment and general care for our livestock.  

We offer
Full-time and or Part-Time competitive salary based on experience plus housing is included along with beef. Ability to run your own cattle.

This job might be for you if you are

  • Experienced with farming, agriculture, cattle, heavy farm equipment, and or/ other farming activities.
  • Comfortable around heavy equipment, livestock, and are mechanically inclined.
  • A hard worker that is self-motivated and can work independently.
  • Someone who enjoys working outdoors and are comfortable with the longer hours especially during peak seasons.
  • Passionate about the agriculture industry or have relatable skills and looking to get into farming.

What you will be doing

  • Operating farm equipment such as tractors, combines, planters, etc.
  • Shop work such as repairing and maintaining equipment.
  • Checking pivots.
  • Taking care of livestock such as feeding, sorting, chasing, vaccinating, checking fencing, etc.
  • Other general duties around the ranch as necessary.
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