Environmental Health and Safety Intern

EH&S Intern will acquire a robust experience in applying classroom knowledge and theory to practical field applications. There will be active engagement in establishing relationships with Colleagues. They will get to learn facility Environmental & Safety aspects (Policy, Operation Permits, Programs & Procedures), shadow Supervisors and Operators to learn plant operations and equipment, Network with Plant, Area and Regional EH&S members, Participate in weekly EH&S calls & meeting, network with engineering interns, and more.

Other responsibilities:

  • Provide EH&S leadership covering the following:
    • Incident Investigations and Case Management
    • Colleague EH&S Training (Orientation, Tool Box Meetings & Monthly Training)
    • Colleague Engagement
    • Plant Inspections
    • Issuing Permits, assisting in JSAs and procedures
  • Manage Plant EH&S Programs, SOPs and provide updates at necessary
  • Learn and utilize A2E principles in daily work
  • Utilize Sphera & ERL (System) to enter incidents, understand requirements, training and date analysis
  • Collaborate on continuous improvement with procedures & physical conditions
  • Be involved in EH&S Committees & PE Safety Pillar Teams
  • At the completion of the program, deliver a project overview to a cross-functional location team


  • Strength with ADM core values: Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Resourcefulness, Teamwork, Responsibility
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong cross-functional collaborator
  • Fluency in English required


  • Working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Safety or Environmental Studies
  • Completion of Sophomore (intern) or Junior (intern or co-op) year
  • Current GPA of 3.0+

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