The Walt Disney Company Since opening in 1971, Walt Disney World Resort has played an important role in many childhood and family memories. Today, hundreds of millions of guests from around the globe visit this magical place to enjoy a Disney vacation. Through a combination of creativity, innovation and technology, the resort immerses guests in classic Disney tales and new kinds of family entertainment. Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment – Marine Mammal Internship Marine Mammal Internship Fall 2020 Disney s Animal Kingdom and Epcot Theme Parks Be a part of a transformative team and culture The Marine Mammal Professional Internship is an entry-level opportunity to assist trainers in the daily care of West Indian manatees and Common Bottlenose dolphins. Interns will use interpretive skills to connect with our guests in promoting marine stewardship (50%) as well as preparing diets and maintaining cleanliness of all areas (50%). Responsibilities Narrate science-based studies stressing cognitive inquiry, marine mammal awareness and marine conservation issues in an engaging and informative format Prepare daily diets for the marine mammal collection at The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Promote a healthy environment through sanitation and cleanliness. Build knowledge of behavior, training and record management. Contribute to ocean conservation on a global scale. Basic Qualifications Three months of public speaking experience in a zoo, aquarium, museum or nature center setting Strong comfort level with public speaking and presenting to large groups of guests Ability to lift and carry 50 pounds Must have a valid U.S. driver s license The ability to operate a company vehicle. Candidate must be willing and able to operate a company vehicle under inclement weather, including minimal lighting. SCUBA certification, and possession of a SCUBA certification card, is required at the time of application Less than six months experience in a marine mammal setting Strong career interest in marine mammal training or husbandry Required Education Junior, senior or recent college graduate Biology, Behavior or related science major Minimum GPA of 3.0 How to Apply Please visit to apply for our Fall 2020 Internships at The Walt Disney World Resort – Position applications will close on February 19 The Walt Disney Company Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 Visit our website DisneyInterns Return to All Job Posts Edit your job posting General Settings Title (limited to 100 characters) Description Experience Comments Salary Category Type How should a candidate apply? Example: the mailing address, email address, fax number or website the applicant should use to apply. Job Perks Company Info Company Name Address City State Zip Company Phone Company Fax Company Website Company Twitter Username Company Facebook Page About the Company Company Logo/Avatar [IMAGE]Remove JPG and GIF only, recommended size of 100×100 pixels. Contact Info Please enter your contact information below. This is for communication purposes only and will not display on your listing. Name Email or Cancel [IMAGE] Submitting your job posting Join over 6,000 zoo and aquarium professionals worldwide

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