FT and PT options available. Apartment and/or room available for rent on-site.

JOB SUMMARY: The farm hand is responsible for assisting with the care of Stonewall Farm’s livestock. The primary focus and majority of time will be spent working with the dairy herd and milk production seven days/week including weekends and holidays. Must be willing to work early morning and late evening shifts on a regular basis. The Farmhand must strive to represent Stonewall Farm’s values of high quality milk production, as well as Stonyfield and the State of NH, humane animal care, stewardship of soil and water resources and promote a positive view of agriculture.

ESEENTIAL FUNTIONS: (Note: the following list of essential functions is not exhaustive, and may be supplemented as necessary.)

  1. Chores: Perform daily chores according to barn chores schedules; includes feeding, manually moving manure, cleaning animal stalls, cleaning horse barn and assisting with milking.
  2. Herd Health: Assist the Herdsperson in identifying and responding to health, environmental and nutritional requirements of cows, heifers, and calves when appropriate. Treat and care for sick animals and assist with difficult births.
  3. Milking: Prepare milking equipment and bulk tank for milking. Clean the milking room and equipment. Milk all cows in an orderly, proper and consistent manner. Ensure all organic dairy and equipment manufacturing sanitation procedures are followed. During grazing season, bring cows in and out from pasture, rotate fencing as required by grazing plan.
  4. Milk Bottling: Assist with bottling milk for sale and other value- added production as needed.
  5. Draft horses: Assist with care and grooming of draft horses. If proficient with teamster skills, safely drive team of horses pulling visitors on sleigh rides, hay rides and carriage rides.
  6. Livestock: Assist with daily care of all farm livestock including draft horse, chickens, goats and sheep.
  7. Maintenance: assist with regular care and maintenance of farm facilities as directed.
  8. Manure: Manage manure following our nutrient management plan. This includes moving manure from the pit operating a spreader and managing our compost product.
  9. Pastures: Set-up fencing according to grazing plans. Assist in maintenance and clearing of fencing. Lead cows to and from pasture twice daily. Must have experience handling dairy cows and able to lead them to and from pastures.
  10. Reporting and Paperwork: Complete paperwork, data entry and reports as directed by the Farm Manager. This includes daily documentation for organic certification requirements.
  11. Visitor Interaction: Greet and welcome the public when visiting the dairy barn while maintaining efficient work flow.
  12. Requires the ability to safely operate a tractor, manure spreader and other heavy equipment.
  13. Must be able to work alone in the barn for long periods of time as well as work as a team.
  14. Perform other duties as assigned.
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