We’re hiring a full-time, year-round, Dairy Farm Manager for an established grazing dairy operation. We are looking for an individual with prior dairy farm experience who will be able to contribute at a management level while still learning our operations.  This role is ideal for motivated entrepreneurs seeking future business partnership and eventually ownership.

In this role you would be in a hands-on management role overseeing daily operations, herd health and productivity, milk quality, employee management and pasture management on an approved Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship training farm. You would be focused on monitoring the performance numbers to produce high quality milk with optimum cow health. You would continually adjust for pasture management, cow handling procedures or animal care to improve the numbers.

**Veterans benefits accepted**

This role is for you if:

  • You have prior livestock and herd health management experience preferably in dairy or cattle
  • You have an ownership mentality when it comes to working and are particular when managing the details
  • You have basic maintenance and repair experience with ability to learn
  • You are comfortable with working extended hours on the dairy

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship (DGA) is a National Apprenticeship under the U.S. Department of Labor-Employment and Training Administration.

We offer several established grazing dairies as employers who are ready to help you transition to the next stage of your career through formal Apprenticeship. Take the risk out of achieving your dream to become a dairy business owner by working closely with a successful independent operator. You will learn all aspects of owning and managing the farm/ business, receive professional development opportunities, and begin transition into equity earning, partnership, and/or farm transfer or startup. Compensation varies by employer and may include housing, additional benefits.     

Main Focus Areas
DGAs approved farms include organic and non-organic grazing-based management system and range from 60 to 300 cows; some have on-farm processing and/or a farm store. In general for this position duties will include:   

  • Oversee daily operations of the dairy operations and pasture
  • Engage daily with owner/ operator or manager on prioritization of tasks and any herd health concerns
  • Manage employee/ Apprentices as needed  
  • Maintain accurate record keeping for herd and crops
  • Manage pastures and soils for ideal health and cattle performance according to organic standards
  • Maintain herd health and productivity including giving vaccinations and managing sick cows
  • Daily milking with attention to quality and procedure
  • Perform heat detection and AI
  • Manage calving and calf health
  • Perform general daily farm work including feeding, scraping, cleaning and basic maintenance of equipment and facilities
  • Maintain general upkeep and cleanliness of house, lawn, farmstead, buildings, fencing and land
  • Prepare farm for state and federal inspections

Please apply online through link provided to make application profile available to Masters (employers).

To find more information, see news items, and view featured farms/ job positions, visit our website https://www.dga-national.org. Please direct inquiries to info@dga-national.org or contact a local DGA Education Coordinators: https://www.dga-national.org/contact


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