BioWorks Inc.  With headquarters in Victor, New York, BioWorks has been a leader in providing environmentally responsible, safe, and effective biologically-based pest control and plant nutrition products for the horticulture, turf, and specialty agriculture markets for more than 20 years.  Together, with our team of experts, our customers are enhancing conventional programs as well as developing leading edge pest control and plant health programs.

What we’re looking for:

We are currently hiring a Biological Sales Solutions Specialist to join our team in the Pacific Northwest Region You may reside and work from your home office in the Pacific Northwest region.

In this role, you will provide leadership direction and accountability for regional sales territory and sales development activities, in alignment with the strategic company direction.  Advocating and communicating an understanding of the features, advantages and benefits of BioWorks’ biological products.  Responsible for retaining current customers as well as developing and attracting new customers and uncovering new opportunities for additional business. Responsible for learning and selling current products and new products, keeping abreast of new technologies, competitors, recommending/sharing changes and trends seen in the field and meeting sales goals in targeted markets.  Directly responsible for supporting and accomplishing personal, team, department, and company goals.  Consistently supports and enhances the culture of BioWorks.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:


  • Actively participates in promoting, supporting and enhancing our Core Purpose, Core Values and Company Culture
  • Maintains a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner that promotes cooperation with customers, collaborators, vendors, team members and management
  • Fully embraces Great Game of Business (“GGOB”), Scaling Up and all strategies and activities related to financial transparency and information sharing, including timely updates to revenue (if applicable), expenses, and cash goals.

Sales Planning

The Biological Solutions Specialist should work with sales management to establish selling strategy and tactics and have a well thought out approach as to how they will achieve their sales goals. Responsibilities for Sales Planning include:

  • Developing and executing a planned approach by creating a sales plan for accounts and contacts to target, activities, and milestones leading to the generation of sales
  • Communicating the risks, assumptions and dependencies associated with the sales plan
  • Managing and progressing a qualified pipeline of opportunities by prioritizing assigned accounts and contacts and advancing opportunities with a disciplined and organized approach
  • Executing the sales plan and communicating progress against the plan – this includes being fully prepared for and engaged in one-on-one meetings with Regional Sales Manager for:  
    • Understanding what’s working and what’s not and make necessary adjustments in the sales approach or activity levels to achieve sales team revenue and profitability goals
    • Submitting forecasts and pipeline reports to management on a timely basis
    • Proactively communicating unexpected increases or decreases from new or lost opportunities
    • Identifying shortfalls and develop plans to ensure overall sales plans are achieved


The Biological Solutions Specialist primary area of responsibility is generating profitable sales and managing the sales process for our clients, including prospecting, discovery and presenting personalized solutions, by cultivating new business and a future pipeline utilizing existing networks, internal leads, and interactions at industry events.

The Account Executive should have outstanding communication and customer relation skills, including the ability to tailor communications appropriately within the team, company and clients.

The individual successful in this role achieves sales activity and revenue objectives/goals through the following activities:

  • Effectively qualifying and prioritizing opportunities to pursue
  • Utilizing multiple communication avenues (phone, in person meetings, video conference, etc.) to build relationships
  • Effectively researching companies to spark valuable conversation with key stakeholders
  • Qualifying all leads that come in through website, phone, and company email
  • Asking for referrals
  • Generating interest with key stakeholders to procure effective discovery conversations
  • Gathering and documenting helpful information into NetSuite, the ideal candidate will be able to use this information to prioritize follow-up activities
  • Conducts Discovery meetings with C-level executives, purchasing managers, growers and IPM coordinators.
  • Asking effective questions to uncover the client’s current situation, desired situation, business drivers, application needs and decision-making processes to fully understand what the client needs in order to recommend the best solutions
  • Differentiating SAMPLE COMPANY from competitors by identifying key areas that are important to the prospect or customer
  • Effectively overcoming objections 
    • Handle objections
    • Handle tough questions
  • Delivers sales presentations and closes sales in a professional manner
  • Makes product recommendations to growers
  • Inputs customer activities, competitive intelligence and industry information daily, using CRM- NetSuite software. This information is pertinent and should be shared with other BioWorks’ employees.
  • Submits expense reports weekly
  • Follows-up in a timely manner to voicemail and email requests from management, peers and other internal and external customers
  • Manages major accounts; establishes long-term, ongoing relationships with multiple people in a customer’s organization.
  • Educates distributors, teaching about BioWorks products and services
  • Travels with distributor sales reps to call on end user customers.
  • Makes presentations to grower groups
  • Attends trade shows



Essential Qualifications – Education, Experience, Skills:

  • Education:  Bachelors degree in agriculture, horticulture or equivalent in a related field
  • Experience:  5 years of field sales experience or equivalent
  • Complexity of Work and Decision Making:  Difficult work on highly complex or involved projects that present new or constantly changing problems.  Duties require outstanding judgment, initiative and the ability to deal with complex factors not easily evaluated.  Decisions are made based on conclusions for which there is little precedent.
  • Accountability:  Works from general objectives and broad and varying policies, procedures, rules or precedents with little functional guidance.  Review by supervisor focuses on achievement of the objective and not on the means. Direct accountability for operational, human, and/or fiscal resources.
  • Consequence of Errors:  Probable errors difficult to detect. Adverse impact.  Duties may involve the evaluation of data for making recommendations on which top management bases important decisions.
  • Customer Interactions:  High relational skills required.  Requires contacts and persuasion usually at the highest levels which possibly involve difficult negotiations, detailed explanations or interpretations, influencing others, defending matters of importance and/or handling very difficult relationships; failure to handle properly could cause significant harm to the organization or loss of business.
  • Job Impact:  Coordinates activities within their area of expertise.  Handles many simultaneous complex assignments/projects.  Provides critical data resources information/estimates. Has some control responsibilities for maintaining standards.
  • Environment and Use of Equipment/Machinery:  Operates or uses complex office, lab/biological, field or maintenance equipment, machinery or tools.  Advanced training required. Performs complex set-up and operations.
  • Well-developed sales skills
  • Self-directed and the ability to work and solve problems independently
  • Ability to make decisions and evaluations to determine the needs of the customers
  • Ability to travel at least 75% of the time
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in both technical and business terms
  • Excellent customer relations skills
  • Actively contribute to our Customer Innovation initiatives based on active listening of our Customers
  • Treats all employees and customers with dignity, respect and courtesy
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, etc.)
  • Knowledge of target market industries

Specific performance and personal competencies include:

  • Driving Results – Sets positive, compelling goals and aggressive schedules for improvement.  Translates the vision/mission of the organization into actionable, quantitative plans.  Conveys a sense of urgency and drives issues to closure.
  • Managing Performance – Translates over-arching business goals into specific objectives.  Holds people accountable for agreed-to results.  Identifies and keeps others focused on the most important metrics that drive the business.
  • Building Commitment – Motivates others to pursue common objectives with excitement about the future.  Radiates enthusiasm for goals and infects others with a shared optimism and excitement.  Conveys a genuine belief to succeed despite the toughest obstacles.
  • Building Relationships and Using Influence – Builds and sustains excellent relationships at all levels both internally and externally.  Uses relationship networks to strategically accomplish objectives.  Communicates excitement about the business and motivates others to pursue common objectives.
  • Communication – Communicates passion, energy, intensity, and excitement.  Is highly articulate and makes arguments in a compelling matter and comes to the point.
  • Energy/Endurance – Has a high capacity for work and shows passion, energy, endurance, and intensity.  Maintains focus through days of long hours and multiple priorities.

Essential Values / BioWorks Core Values:

  • Our Team, One Company
  • We Honor our Commitments
  • We Have the Right Conversations
  • Our Customers’ Success is Our Success

Physical Demands:

  • Ability to travel frequently
  • Flexibility in scheduling to satisfy customers and potential customers
  • Computer keying repetitive motions 
  • Possible eye strain
  • Ability to lift and carry 55 pound
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