Farming Jobs

Fleet Mechanic

We are hiring a Full-time Mechanic to join our team in Bronson, MI. In this position you will be troubleshooting and repairing a fleet of semi’s, tractors, heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, harvesters, vans and pick-ups. You will enjoy a wide variety of maintenance projects.

Farm Manager

We’re hiring a Farm Manager to join our team and treat the operation as their own. In this role, you’d execute the day to day operations on our farm – including planting, crop scouting and preventative maintenance. You would work closely with our agronomic consultant to plan the planting, seed, fertilizer and chemicals for the growing season. Experience in agronomy is helpful for this, but we’re also willing to teach you more about agronomy. You’d lead one full-time staff member with strong mechanical skills and farm experience, who you’d work closely with in ensuring the crops and equipment are cared for.

We're sorry, there are currently no jobs in this category.