Farming is going to need to become more like manufacturing

Farming has been around for a very long time and has adapted as the times have changed. It is still adapting today and continues to as we move toward the future. The population of the planet is rapidly growing, which means more mouths to feed. So what is the next step?

Agriculture is going to need to become more manufacturing-like to accommodate to the growing population. Crops need to become more drought-resistant and farmers will need to be able to harvest more with less water. To be able to do this, new techniques need to be looked at.

Vertical farming is a technique where farmers grow and harvest crops in controlled environments. It has become a very popular method of farming and has been shown to grow some crops 20% faster and to use 91% less water. Furthermore, genetically modified seeds make harvests possible in extremely dry conditions because they are able to withstand droughts and floods.

However, farmers need to go beyond just changing their technique. These new techniques need ways to be managed. This is where interactive technologies come into play. Sensors can monitor a plant’s vitals and provide updates. Machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence (AI), can study these vitals and anticipate possible future needs. Augmented reality (AR) can help farmers monitor and manage their crops.

Overall, these new management methods could lead to a simplified form of crop management. They could even extend beyond gardens and farms and be used for any physical environment that needs monitoring. These methods could allow people to monitor plants from anywhere in the world.

Agriculture has been changing with the time and was greatly influenced during the first industrial revolution. These methods are a new industrial revolution that is taking farming even further in its journey to feed the world.

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Photo credit: techcruch/shutterstock

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