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Hiring Leaders for Agriculture & Food Production

How We Are Different

Our Executive Recruiters are a team of experts passionate about hiring leaders in our agriculture and food industry. We’re known for our selectivity and ability to find the perfect fit whether hiring from within our industry or attracting executives from outside the industry. 

Whether you’re hiring an executive to lead a turnaround or seeking to change strategy in your mature organization, we can help with your recruitment. We use a comprehensive discovery process and a consultative approach to understand your business, culture, industry challenges and learn where you’re heading to deliver a leader who exceeds your expectations. We work exclusively with our clients offering one of the industries longest guarantees.

Who We Help

We cover the entire United States and Canada
Agribusinesses & Farms
Food Production & Food Processors
Grain Operations & Cooperatives
Produce & Specialty Crops
Agronomy & Seed
Animal Health & Livestock
Ag Equipment and Technology
Manufacturing & Engineering
And more….

Positions Recently Filled

COO – Produce Packer
National Sales Manager – Food Production
Regional Farm Manager – Nut Operation
Brand Manager – Specialty Crop Grower
Director of Sales & Marketing – Produce Cooperative
General Manager – Farm Cooperative
Production Manager – Canning Company
Western Regional Manager – Irrigation Products
CEO – Produce Processor

Director of Maintenance & Reliability – Farm

Our Executive Recruitment Process

Finding qualified talent can be time-consuming and complicated, but our recruiting approach simplifies the process for you and delivers you top candidates.

We partner with our clients and invest the time to understand your business, culture and the candidate you’re looking for. We evaluate a candidate’s capabilities, experiences, traits, and their motivation to give you the most complete perspective to ensure you have the right person for the job.

Did You Know 75% of AgHires' customers are referrals or returning clients
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Candidate Assessment


Observed skills and behaviors essential for success.

Decision quality, strategic mindset, business insight…


Projects or roles that prepare a person for future opportunities.

Impactful projects, universal assignments, accomplishments…


Inclinations, abilities, & natural tendencies a person may have.

Assertiveness, confidence, aptitude for logic reasoning…


Values & interests that influence a person’s career path.

Career progression, challenge, cultural alignment…

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