Double 8 Cattle Company

Double 8 Cattle Co. is a family-owned farm in Central Ohio. Proud members of the American Wagyu Association and the Australian Wagyu Associationwe raise a herd of 100% Fullblood Wagyu on our 238-acre farm.

Our cattle rearing practices are centered around our high standard of care and dedication to the well-being of our herd. Pasture-raised and given locally-grown food, their diet is based on the research and recommendations of world-renowned experts in Fullblood Wagyu nutrition.

Our above par standards in the areas of caregiving, nutrition, genetics, and breeding methodology set the foundation for premium Fullblood Wagyu beef and our customers appreciate the value we offer with every cut.

Wagyu refers to all Japanese beef cattle (“Wa” meaning Japanese and “Gyu” meaning Cattle). Although, the Wagyu breed was not developed out of the necessity for beef. They were developed in Japan for the purpose of mechanizing the farming industry as draft animals. They were brought over to the United States in the mid-1970s, and have since been bred for their unsurpassed quality and taste.

Between 1976 and 1997, Fullblood Wagyu were exported from Japan to the U.S. In 1997 after exporting close to 200 cattle, Japan put the export ban (for live cattle) back in place and Fullblood Wagyu were no longer exported. Today, Wagyu beef connoisseurs throughout the U.S. are aware of the beef’s superior taste and quality and utilize much of the domestic Fullblood Wagyu production.

Open Positions at Double 8 Cattle Company

Cattle Breeding Tech and Ranch Manager

We are currently hiring a Cattle Breeding Tech and Ranch Manager for our operation in Mount Vernon, OH. In this position you will be in a working management role overseeing our ranch including Fullblood Wagyu operations, breeding operations, cow/calf operations, crop operations, and customer interactions.

We're sorry, there are currently no jobs listed for this company.

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