Bard Valley Date Growers

About Bard Valley Date Growers

Bard Valley Date Growers Association is the grower owned co-op of Natural Delights, the largest brand of fresh medjool dates in North America. As a result of year round consumer marketing, Natural Delights Medjool dates have grown year over year in volume and dollar sales. An all-natural power fruit, Natural Delights medjool dates offer sustained energy and high levels of potassium for muscle recovery. Every package of Natural Delights Brand contains fruit from our own groves, and all fruit is grown via 100% sustainable farming practices. Our company has been growing rapidly and we have a passionate marketing team. Our dates are grown in Yuma, AZ nestled where California and Arizona meet which has the perfect temperatures and growing conditions.

Open Positions at Bard Valley Date Growers

National Sales Manager

You will manage and develop sales across all of Canada. You will be building upon pre-existing relationships in an established territory while expanding our market in Canada. You will interface with retailers, distributors and brokers to provide innovative local market solutions, and oversee the execution of the corporate sales strategy to retain and grow our presence in Canada.