About AgHires is the official site for Agriculture Jobs. We’re dedicated to connecting top talent with the top employers in and around the agriculture industry. We understand what it takes to find the right people and we’re determined to help you succeed. We grew up in the ag industry, we’re beyond passionate for agriculture and we’re working hard to promote its culture and showcasing what the industry has to offer.

For agricultural employers, we provide a variety of recruiting services from simply job postings, to sourcing candidates for a flat fee, to exclusive contingency and pride ourselves on developing tailored solutions. We work hard to understand who you are, where you’re taking your business and we actively promote your company to job seekers to attract top talent. Our dedicated recruiting team takes care of all the details from developing clearly written job postings to creating targeted recruitment ads in social media to headhunting passive candidates.

Open Positions at AgHires

Agricultural Recruiter

You will recruit for all agriculture across the U.S. from the fruit growers in California to ag cooperatives in the Midwest to livestock farms in New York.

Agriculture Recruiter

You will work closely with our customers to understand their business operation and hiring needs and recruit top talent on behalf of their organization

Recruiter – Talent Acquisition Specialist

You will be sourcing qualified candidates, conducting phone interviews, tracking hires and working closely with our clients in understanding their needs. You will recruit for a variety of positions across the U.S. including everything from technicians to sales to management.