Work-Life Balance Isn’t Just a Buzz Word

Growing up on farm, working and being independent is not just something to be proud of – it’s who you are as a person. It’s a trait all farm kids-turned-adults have in common. Since most farm owners grew up on farms, we can’t fathom why anyone would spout about the need for work-life balance. But […]

It’s Time to Talk about Conflict Management

Family-run farms offer a great way of life, where both relatives and employees alike are treated as family. A smaller, close-knit team does have its downfalls. It often creates an environment where it’s difficult to hold tougher conversations and address problems. That’s why many farmers love working with equipment and the crops: Simply put, there […]

AgHires Launches New Website to Showcase Services

 AgHires is a leader in recruiting and job advertising within the agriculture, agribusiness, food production, produce, food processing, and horticulture industries. For years, AgHires has offered both job postings and job advertising along with recruitment services. With the growing need for companies to obtain top talent  and better showcaseAgHires recruitment services, AgHires has launched a […]

Maximize Human Capital in a Slow Season

It’s the end of June, and there are still too many acres without crops in the ground. Our farm started in 1941, and according to my father’s impeccable record keeping, this is the latest time of year we have planted and the worst spring conditions we have seen on the farm. The unpredictable weather and […]

Generation Z is Ready to Clock In

Just when it feels as if we have millennials figured out, or somewhat figured out, Generation Z enters the workforce. Generation Z are those born in 1997 or later. By 2021, they will make up more than 20% of the workforce. There’s a tendency to label all younger employees as millennials, but you may be […]

5 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

When it comes to improving performance and retaining top talent in our competitive landscape, employee engagement needs to be one of your farm’s top initiatives. An engaged employee is 21% more productive than a less-engaged employee and a highly engaged employee is 87% less likely to leave the organization. High levels of energy, commitment and […]

Managing a Team is Key to Higher Production

Business owners, both on farms and across all industries, want to capture higher profit margins. They want teams to produce at a higher level, with less turnover and more individuals thinking versus just doing their work. The secret recipe to achieve these results comes from two words, employee engagement. It’s not just a fluff phrase […]

Hire the Right Expertise for the Project

Farmers are known for being innovative, working with what they have to get the job done. Whether it’s finding the extra expertise on crop nutrition or specialty equipment fabricated to fit your farm, farmers tend to know who to call. But as your operation works to improve efficiency and maximize resources, specialty talent is often […]

Getting Employees to Listen

How do I get my employees to listen? It’s an interesting request I hear often at farm shows and conferences. Many are fed up with employees not listening to their clearly stated steps. I even had one participant say, “I literally give each step a number, and they still miss steps.” What drives an employee’s […]

Creative Ways to Tackle 5 Common Employee Issues

To run a successful farm, you need your team members consistently performing at their best. Unfortunately, even your best team members can be habitually late or a little too chatty on their cell phones. Whether it’s your best mechanic that happens to be the negative one on the team, or it’s your greenhorn that’s taking […]

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