Creative Ways to Tackle 5 Common Employee Issues

To run a successful farm, you need your team members consistently performing at their best. Unfortunately, even your best team members can be habitually late or a little too chatty on their cell phones. Whether it’s your best mechanic that happens to be the negative one on the team, or it’s your greenhorn that’s taking […]

Hiring Military for the Farm

According to the 2012 Census of Agriculture, the average American farmer is 58 years old. Farmers over 55 control more than half of the country’s farmland, and one in two is likely to retire in the next decade. For three decades, there has been a decline in the number of new farmers joining the ranks, […]

Pay Perspective

We are in midst of a talent struggle in agriculture. With the national unemployment rate at an all-time low, we are not the only industry that’s facing challenges finding and attracting top quality candidates. Over three quarters of hiring managers and recruiters say they are struggling to find hires across all industries. The compensation we […]

6 Ways to Drive Productivity

Farm managers are the leading factor driving the productivity of the team. By their actions and communication, they ultimately set the tone for the work environment. If you’re not happy with the results of the team it’s time to do some healthy reflection and as the leader take actionable steps to ensure your employees are […]

Finding a Successor

AgHires founder and owner Lori Culler receives a couple requests each year to help find a successor. And that demand is becoming more and more prevalent. The next generation may not always be interested in continuing the family farm, leaving many family farms without a successor.  Recently Culler was interviewed by Family Farm Succession to […]

How to Handle Under Performing Employees

The farming industry has been evolving for centuries, and staffing requirements have changed along with it. The expectations of employees should match the needs of the farm at any given time. What should you do if an employee isn’t living up to the expectations set before them? How long should an employee be on payroll […]

Technology to Improve Team Communication

Productive farms must work together as a team. Each employee plays a role on the team, whether it’s to operate heavy equipment or manage finances from behind a desk. The team should be built on a solid foundation of communication, trust and accountability. The question is: How can a group of employees create and sustain […]

How to Grow Trust on Your Farm

“People follow leaders by choice. Without trust, at best you get compliance.” — Jesse Lyn Stoner, author of “Full Steam Ahead.” When we look at high-performing farm teams, there is one common factor — trust. When trust is high, these power teams drive innovation, take care of the details, go the extra mile and foster […]

Why Your Farm Should Have A Web Presence

Having a website and social media pages isn’t just for larger organizations, farms of all sizes can benefit. Whether you’re looking to hire additional labor, securing more land to rent, or wanting to get credit or financing, having a healthy presence on the internet helps you build relationships and showcases your operation. We’ve noticed time […]

Find the Perfect Candidate with an Impactful Job Description

Writing a job description that thoroughly explains a role while still attracting job seekers is a tough balance. It’s one of the hardest parts of recruiting new employees, especially as the job market continues to change and more candidates are being hired from outside of agriculture. Recently, AgHires conducted a survey consisting of 129 responses […]