How to Prepare for an Interview

Interviews are exciting opportunities to showcase your talents and determine if an organization is the right fit for your next career move. With proper preparation, an interview is a productive, two-way conversation in which you can learn about the organization, and the organization can learn about you. It’s important to be prepared for an interview. […]

Say This, Not That in an Interview

An interview is imperative to the hiring process. Both you and the interviewer are thinking about the same thing: Are you a good fit for this organization? Ideally, you would be a good fit for the organization, and you can showcase your talents during the interview. But candidates may make statements that don’t bode well […]

Relocation Tips for Job Hunters

Whether you’re looking to move back to your hometown or looking to move out of state, looking for a job outside of your current location can be tough. It’s usually best to try to find a job before relocating, but it’s not always possible. Sometimes it can be easier to find a job when you’re […]

Choose the Best References

Most hiring managers are going to ask for references once you make it past the interview process, though some might ask before the interview. It’s a good idea to have your references ready before your interview, just in case they ask for them. Better yet, have them ready before you start heavily job searching. Then […]

20 Questions to Ask in an Interview

The interview isn’t just an opportunity for the employer to ask questions, but also an opportunity for you to interview the company. Asking the hiring team questions is the only way for you to figure out if the job and company will be a good fit for you. This means you need to come prepared […]

How to Answer “Why did you leave your last job?”

One of the most common questions you’ll be asked in an interview is “Why did you leave your last job?” or maybe “Why are you looking to leave your current job?” It can be a tricky question to answer. You don’t want to bad-mouth your current or past employer, as that doesn’t always sit well […]

Networking Tips and Sample Questions to Ask

Networking can be a scary topic for most people because it involves stepping outside your comfort zone. Networking is vital because it helps you find new job opportunities, customers, recruit talent, and build relationships within your community. When you learn to network, it doesn’t just improve your career, it can also improve your personal life. […]

Standout from Other Candidates with a Follow Up Email

Standing out from other candidates doesn’t only happen by perfecting your resume and nailing the interview. If you want to stand out from other candidates during the interviewing process, sending a follow up email shows how serious you are about the job. Sending a follow up email not only shows how serious you are, but […]

3 Ways to Be More Coachable

Being coachable doesn’t only relate to sports. Most companies will agree that being coachable is an important quality for their employees to possess. So, what exactly does that mean? Being coachable means to constantly want to improve yourself in the workplace by asking co-workers or your boss for feedback and making changes based on the […]

Resume Builder on AgHires

AgHires uses the Resume Builder to help keep you organized. You can add your previous job experience, education, and much more. Easily add, edit, or delete information as needed to create a resume that matches each job application. You can also download your resume into a PDF, complete with your information, to easily send to […]