Time for a Career Change? Here’s 5 Signs It’s Time for a Change

Change usually makes most of us uncomfortable, whether it’s a small change like going to a different grocery store or big change like making a move to another state. The same goes for your career. When you start to feel dissatisfied, overwhelmed, or unhappy in your current job, it might be hard to admit you […]

5 Tips to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed While Job Hunting

If you’re actively job hunting, it can feel like a job by itself, especially if you have a full-time job. From searching to tweaking your resume and cover letter, to filling out applications and interviewing, you will have a full plate. Job hunting can sometimes take months, so you can easily get overwhelmed and stressed. […]

Make the Most of Your Internship

Make the Most of Your Internship There are great benefits to having an internship like making connections, building your resume, and developing new skills. But there is more to an internship than being an intern. While you might not be getting paid for your internship or your pay might be small, it’s just like any […]

Why Job Postings Don’t Include Salary (And What To Do)

Job searching isn’t anyone’s favorite past time. It’s a long, time-consuming process. You search through hundreds of job descriptions and find a select few you’re excited about. They align with your skills, knowledge, and passion, so you eagerly search for the salary. You hope it matches what you need, only to find the dreaded words […]

How to Prepare for a Second Interview

You’ve completed the first interview and have just been called for a second interview! Congratulations! Second interviews are more detailed and goes more in-depth about the position as well as your skills and qualifications. You may be interviewing with the same person or could face a panel of multiple people. No matter the format, it […]

How to Discuss Being Fired in an Interview

Being let go can happen to even the best employee. Unfortunately, you aren’t always in control of when you leave a job. As you start to apply for and interview for new positions, interviewers will ask, “Why did you leave your last job?”. It’s a daunting question already and can be even more nerve-wracking if […]

The Importance of Effective Listening

Listening is a key part of any relationship. It aids understanding, and makes others feel heard. But distractions of any kind can pull our attention away. Distractions can be external, like noise in the surrounding environment, or internal, like being preoccupied with a problem. When distractions pull our attention away from the conversation, we stop […]

8 Productivity Tips to Keep You Focused

Whether you’re working from home or working on-site, staying productive can be a struggle. Some days, staying productive comes easily, and you’re able to complete many tasks. Other days, it’s difficult to complete even one task. As summer and warm weather continue, distractions will multiply. Rather than focusing on work, you might be focusing on […]

How Social Media Can Help Your Job Search

Social media is a great tool to help us stay connected. We can check in on a friend or share a funny post. But social media is also crucial to a job search. Platforms like LinkedIn, AgHires.com, or other job search sites are specifically designed to help job seekers find jobs. In addition to these […]

Job Search Tips for Recent Grads

As we enter June, the college graduation season is coming to an end. Students have worked hard and earned their degrees from colleges and universities across the country. Recent grads are entering a job market impacted by COVID-19 and are uncertain about their futures. But there are ways you can still land a job even […]

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