Growing Need of Agricultural Job Seekers

The U.S. sells more food and fiber to the world than it imports, which contributes to a positive trade balance. About 31% of U.S. gross farm income comes from exports. Agriculture is the most important industry in the United States employing approximately 24 million workers which is about 17% of the total work force. The […]

How to Quit Your Job

When it’s time to quit your current job for a new position, you want to do so professionally. This isn’t the time to burn bridges. You never know when you will need to use someone from the organization as a reference or a contact. Follow these tips to keep your resignation professional. 1. Write a […]

Why a Resume is Important

Even in the agriculture industry having a resume is important. You may have gotten by for years without one because you worked on the same farm for 15 years. Or maybe you always got the job because you knew the manager’s cousin and they know your skills. However, in this industry jobs can be competitive, […]

Your Ultimate Resume Guide

The average hiring manager spends about six to ten seconds scanning a resume for the first time. They’re looking for specific keywords that show the candidate could be a fit for the job. Most of the time it is the hiring manager or recruiter’s initial impression of you. You know what they say, first impression […]

What Sets You Apart from Other Candidates

One of the toughest questions some candidates have trouble answering is “What sets you apart from other candidates?” You thought you were prepared, but you stumbled on this question. It’s hard to compare yourself to other candidates when you don’t know any of them. How are you supposed to answer this question? We’re here to […]

Find a New Job in the New Year

It’s easy to put your job search on hold during the holidays, but it’s important you get your momentum back in January. The new year is the perfect time to start looking for a new job or to continue your job search a little more aggressively.  The end of the year can be slow a time […]

Your Email Address Is Ruining Your Chance at Finding a Job

You’ve had your email address since you were in middle school. You might think it’s still relevant today, but have you considered your email address could be part of the struggle of landing a job? This small bit of information might sound like it’s only a minor blip in your existence, but in reality, it’s […]

6 Simple Job Seeking Tricks

If you’re heavy into your job search, you’re probably up to your eye balls in job applications and recruiters. You’ve probably sent your resume to what feels like thousands of companies, made several phone calls and have had a lot of interviews. It can be tough to keep track of where your resumes are, what […]

How to Turn Down a Job Offer

The hunt for a new job can be a full-time job. You can be consumed by trying to make yourself the ideal candidate and boasting about all your qualifications. However, once the job offer has been extended and you start considering if the offer is right for you, you might realize the job isn’t a […]

6 Networking Mistakes

Somewhere between 75% to 95% of jobs are never posted, so the only way to discover these openings is by networking. Making contacts will greatly help your job search effort. While networking takes time and effort, it is well worth it. Still not convinced? Read 5 Benefits Networking Has on Your Job Search. It’s a […]