Sonny Perdue Nominated for AG Secretary

After a long period of consideration, Donald Trump has chosen former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue to head USDA as AG Secretary. Perdue has experience in the grain business and as a veterinarian. His executive experience comes from working as Georgia’s first Republican governor since the Reconstruction. People from the agriculture industry have responded positively to […]

Rare “Geep” born in Indiana

Have you ever heard of a Geep? The Garrett farm, located in Rockport, IN, is now home to a newborn “geep”. A geep is a hybrid of a goat and a sheep, and they are typically impossible to produce by simple breeding. When bred, they can produce a sheep, goat, or hybrid offspring. It all […]

Helping Out the Next Generation of Farmers

Beginning in January, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is going to offer an early termination opportunity for certain Conservation Reserve Program contracts. This will make it easier to transfer property to the next generation of farmers. According to the Tenure, Ownership and Transition of Agricultural Land survey, which was conducted in 2014, farmers are expected […]

Old Faithful Erupts in Freezing Temperatures

Check out what happens when Yellowstone’s Old Faithful geyser erupts in freezing temperatures. Temperature’s at Yellowstone National Park dipped to around 0°F.  The Old Faithful water spout shoots super heated water into the air every 44 to 125 minutes.  The water is from 72 feet beneath the surface and around 118°F.  As you shoot boiling water […]

Amy Schumer Buys Back Her Family Farm

Amy Schumer just bought back her dad’s old family farm. Amy said on Instagram, “we lost the farm when we lost everything else. But today I got to buy it back for him.” Below are 2 posts from Amy’s Instagram account.  Once from when she was little running in the cornfield wanting her dad to […]

The Possible New Future of Greenhouses – Farming

Sundrop Farm is officially the first farm to grow vegetables without using soil, pesticides, fossil fuels, or groundwater. Sundrop Farms is located in the South Australian desert and uses a new type of greenhouse farming to produce 15,000 tons of tomatoes per year. A team of international scientists have worked over the past six years […]

Farming – A New Industrial Revolution

Farming is going to need to become more like manufacturing Farming has been around for a very long time and has adapted as the times have changed. It is still adapting today and continues to as we move toward the future. The population of the planet is rapidly growing, which means more mouths to feed. […]

Tomato Tree Yields 32,000 Tomatoes, Breaks World Record

A tomato tree has broken a new world record. The  tree breaking the world record can be seen in Epcot’s Land Pavilion at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  The tree broke the record for the most tomatoes harvested from a single plant in one year.  The previous record listed in the Guinness World Records was […]

AgHires Launches its Redesigned Job Board and Recruiting Platform for Agriculture.

In an effort to better serve job seekers and employers in and around agriculture, AgHires ( has launched its new redesigned job board and website.  The new site offers a more robust user experience whether you’re posting a job, searching for a job or just exploring the world of agriculture. AgHires new website will keep […]

Agricultural job growth is Booming and AgHires is Helping Job Seekers and Employers Connect

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, an average of 60,000 high-skilled agricultural job openings are expected annually in the United States over the next five years with only about 35,000 graduates to fill them.  In the year 2050 more than 9 billion people will need something to eat every day compared to the 7 […]

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