Reaching New Heights with Vertical Farming

Reaching New Heights in Agriculture with Vertical Farming As the human population continues to grow and evolve, so does farming. One aspect of farming that is gaining popularity is the idea of vertical farming. Vertical farming is the process of producing food in vertically stacked layers. Vertical farms use techniques similar to greenhouses, indoor farming […]

Making a Push for More Women in Agriculture

Making a Push for More Women in Agriculture In an attempt to bring more women into the agriculture industry, Illinois Agri-Women held the Women Changing the Face of Agriculture event. The event is intended to expose high school and college students to the wide range of career opportunities that agriculture provides. Over 500 young women […]

Robots Changing the Future of Agriculture

Robots Changing the Future of Agriculture How can robots change the future of agriculture? If you ask George Kantor, a Senior Systems Scientist for the FarmView initiative, he says robots will change agriculture in three ways: vine balance management, accelerating crop breeding, and intelligent irrigation control. With the growing world population, we need new methods […]

50 Things We Love About Agriculture

50 Things We Love About Agriculture National Ag Week kicks off on March 19th and continues through the 25th. National Ag Day, which is celebrated on March 21st, is about recognizing and celebrating what agriculture provides. As part of the celebration, we are sharing 50 things that make all of us love agriculture. Agriculture feeds […]

Women Farmers Tripled Last Three Decades

The Amount of women farmers has tripled in the last three decades. Women farmers own more than 50 million acres of farmland in the U.S, accounting for 30% of farm operators. The amount of women farmers has tripled in the last three decades and has become the fastest growing segment in agriculture. The number of […]

Record Amount of Soybeans to be Planted

Farmers Projected to Plant Record Amount of Soybeans In November, U.S. farmers were projected to plant 85.5 million acres of soybeans, 90 million acres of corn, and 48.5 million acres of wheat . However, it appears that these projections are changing. At the USDA’s annual Outlook Forum this week, Robert Johansson, the USDA Chief Economist, […]

Drones in Agriculture Attracting More College Graduates

Agriculture needs more college graduates and drones are helping. Experts are estimating that agricultural consumption will increase by nearly 70% by 2050, when the population is estimated to reach 9 billion. Additionally, events of extreme weather are on the rise. The combination of these things has created potential problems for agriculture productivity. One possible solution? […]

Agriculture jobs: Why you want a job in agriculture

Are you looking for a lucrative and fulfilling job? You might want to look at Agriculture jobs including farming, agribusiness, food production and more.  The United States of America is unarguably the nation of virtues, with a myriad of opportunities.  Creativity and professional knowledge are put to work for economic development. The current GDP of […]

Groundhog Day: What exactly is it?

What exactly is Groundhog Day? This morning in Pennsylvania the worlds most famous groundhog came out of his burrow to see his shadow, meaning 6 more weeks of winter. If it is cloudy when the groundhog comes out of its burrow then the spring season will arrive early.  If it is sunny the groundhog will […]

Bye to Brown Apples?

Is seeing brown apples a thing of the past? Are you an apple lover? Imagine if your apple slices never turned brown. This will become a reality that is expected to start early next month with the first genetically modified apples going on sale. Not only will the apples not turn brown, they should also […]

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