14 Ag Facts about Lemons & Limes

Lemon and lime juice are a classic ingredient in many dessert and savory recipes. These fruits can be used fresh, preserved, or used to enhance many fish, poultry, and vegetables dishes. Between the years 1000 and 1200 CE, the lemon was introduced into Spain and North Africa. The Crusaders, who found it growing in Palestine, […]

15 Tennessee Facts

Tennessee is the Volunteer State. Perhaps it might be known best for its country music, or the stunning views provided by the Appalachian Foothills. But there’s much more to the state. Did you know that 80% of Tennessee’s land is used for agricultural purposes? Agriculture has a large part to play in the welfare of […]

14 Nutty Peanut Facts

Peanuts have existed for centuries and have become a classic snack at baseball games and other events. Americans enjoy them so much that they are the #1 snack nut consumed in the United States. That’s a lot of nuts! Other products, like peanut butter, are also a favorite in school lunches. Did you know that, […]

Most Pistachios Produced in the U.S. Come from California

Did you know your favorite nut isn’t actually a nut? Pistachios are a seed from a red or yellow plum-like fruit. However, since they look like nuts, most people call them nuts. The United States provides about 24% of the world’s pistachios, making the country the second largest producer and exporter behind Iran. About 99% […]

15 Interesting Facts about Broccoli

When someone tells you to eat more greens, you probably think of broccoli. Broccoli is a popular vegetable that can be consumed both raw and cooked. Broccoli ranks in the top 20 foods regarding the ANDI score (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index). The vegetable is a great source of vitamin C, A and K, fiber, folate, […]

15 Facts about Peaches

Peaches are a summertime favorite throughout the nation. The fuzzy fruit is a great source of vitamin C, A, low in calories, and free of cholesterol, sodium and fat. There are two basic types of peaches: freestone and clingstone. The clingstone peach is more suitable for processing because the flesh clings to the stone of […]

13 Sweet Honey Facts

What summer treat is sweet and yummy? Honey! It’s not only sweet, but it’s good for you too! The sweet bee nectar has every nutrient to keep a person alive – it has enough water, vitamins, and minerals. It also doesn’t spoil, so you can keep it for as long as you want. But there’s […]

13 Fun Melon Facts

It’s probably not surprising that watermelons are 92% water. But did you know that there are more than 1,200 varieties of melon? These varieties can be sorted into just four categories: seeded, seedless, icebox, and yellow/orange. No matter the melon, it is still a tasty summer treat. There are many ways to enjoy melons; they […]

20 Interesting Wheat Facts

Behind corn and soybeans, wheat ranks third in planted acreage among U.S. field crops. Wheat is one of the most important crops because it has thousands of varieties. Common wheat is used to make bread, durum wheat is used to make pasta, and club wheat is used for cakes, cookies, crackers, and flours. The crop […]

10 Connecticut AgFacts

When you think about agriculture, you might not think about Connecticut. But with more than 400,000 acres of farmland, the state makes a big contribution to the agriculture industry. The farms of Connecticut grow and harvest a variety of crops and contribute to dairy. Here are 10 agriculture facts about Connecticut! Written by Marketing Assistant […]

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