Ag Facts – Each year the average american eats…

Each year the average american eats…. 19.6 pounds of apples 112 pounds of beef 14 pounds of turkey 4.85 pounds of strawberries 30 pounds of lettuce 22 pounds of tomatoes Do you think you eat more or less? Thank a farmer! Check out more ag fun facts here!

All I want for Christmas is Bacon

All I want for Christmas is Bacon Another funny video from Farmer Derek Klingenberg

Before WWII, most corn was harvested by hand.

Before WWII, most corn was harvested by hand. The first mechanical corn harvester was developed in 1930 by the Gleaner Harvester Combine Corporation. Before the Corn Harvester Harvesting corn is a lot more difficult than crops such as wheat and small grains. Since the stalks are tough, they would tend to clog up machines, this […]

Why Are Barns Painted Red?

Have you ever wondered why most barns are painted red?  Barns were not just painted red because it was the color of choice.  It was not just because red matched well with the green color of the tractor or land.  There were not a lot of color choices hundreds of years ago but the farmers chose red because it was […]

Tomato Tree Yields 32,000 Tomatoes, Breaks World Record

A tomato tree has broken a new world record. The  tree breaking the world record can be seen in Epcot’s Land Pavilion at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  The tree broke the record for the most tomatoes harvested from a single plant in one year.  The previous record listed in the Guinness World Records was […]

Arkansas produces 49% of the rice supply in the U.S.

Rice is a staple for nearly two-thirds of the world, with near 90% grown in Asia, but in the United States Arkansas is the leader in the crop. While the grain has been grown in U.S. since the 1700’s, it wasn’t until the twentieth century that the industry hit Arkansas. History of Rice in Arkansas […]

The Interesting History of the Potato Chip

The well-known accepted story of the potato chip starts in 1853 in Saratoga Springs New York, when frustrated cook George Crum was trying to appease a demanding customer. The customer, who is thought to be Cornelius Vanderbilt, a rich railroad mogul, complained that his fried potatoes were too thick for his liking and he sent […]

Soybean oil is the most widely used edible oil in the U.S.

Soybean oil is the most commonly used edible oil in the United States, which could be because soybeans are some of the most widely cultivated and utilized plants. Native to East Asia, soybeans are considered a legume. Most soybean oil is refined, blended, and sometimes hydrogenated. Most margarine and shortenings contain Soybean Oil. Mayonnaise, salad dressing, frozen foods, imitation dairy and […]

Cows Spend an Average of 6 Hours a Day Eating

The average cow eats about 20 lbs. of hay, 20 lbs. of corn silage, 10 to 20 lbs. of corn, and 6 to 12 lbs. of supplements each day. If we ate as much as cows, we would have to eat about 360 cheeseburgers and drink about 400 to 800 glasses of water each day. […]

Pigs Are The 4th Most Intelligent Animal

Pigs are believed to be one of most intelligent animals, following chimps, dolphins, and elephants. We might think our dogs are the smartest animals when the can roll over or shake on command, but they surpass even man’s best friend. Their intelligence was first discovered in experiments in the 1990s. Pigs were taught several tasks […]