Potato Ag Facts

No matter where in the world you live, you’ve probably had a potato. The vegetable is a part of nearly every diet and is the fourth most important crop worldwide. But this wasn’t always the case. Potatoes were originally grown by the Incas in South America between 8000 and 5000 B.C. The crop was then […]

Farms and Agribusinesses are Hiring Amid Covid-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the agriculture and agribusiness industries are hiring. While many businesses are forced to close, the food supply chain needs to keep up with demand to feed the world. There is high demand among AgHires clients and the industry to specifically hire skilled labor, sales and management roles for both seasonal […]

Agriculture Around the World

With the world population expected to grow to more than nine billion people within the next 30 years, there’s a regular discussion about how we’re going to feed everyone. Farms are at the forefront of this debate. They work to produce food to feed billions of people around the world. They work together to develop […]

Alaska Ag Facts

What comes to mind when you think of Alaska? You probably aren’t thinking of agriculture. But Alaska contributes a great deal to agriculture and the United States. This Ag Fact Friday, learn more about America’s 49th state. Want more Agriculture Facts? Click here Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get your weekly dose of Ag Facts. See Ag Jobs […]

Food Brings Us Together

Food brings everyone to the table. It’s a simple, yet true statement. It’s also the theme for Ag Day 2020. National Ag Day falls on March 24, 2020, and National Ag Week is March 22-28 this year. During this event, we celebrate the agriculture industry and agricultural workers who help provide food for our table. […]

Wisconsin Agriculture Facts

America’s Dairyland produces more than just cheese and other dairy products. Wisconsin is the top producer for several other commodities like snap beans, cheese, cranberries, ginseng, mink pelts, dry whey, milk goats and corn for silage. Check out more Wisconsin Agriculture Facts below.  Want more Agriculture Facts? Click here Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get your weekly dose of […]

9 Florida Ag Facts

The Sunshine State is responsible for 70% of the citrus produced in the United States, which includes oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, tangelos, and more. In fact in 2017, Florida produced over 400,000 acres of citrus. Did you know the states produces a wide range of commodities? About 300 commodities are produced in the state, which is […]

15 Mushroom Facts

Mushrooms are neither a fruit nor vegetable. They are in a category all their own, fungi! Did you know these fungi are one of the most sustainable foods on the planet? Check out 15 more mushroom facts: The largest producer of mushrooms is China, which produces about half of the world’s farmed fungi. Mushrooms are […]

Blackberry Ag Facts

Blackberries are a delicious treat and have many health benefits. As you treat yourself to these berries, check out these facts. Want more Agriculture Facts? Click here Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get your weekly dose of Ag Facts. Written by Abigail Tomalewski, Marketing Assistant

Valentine’s Day is the Biggest Holiday for the Floriculture Industry

Floriculture is an international, multi-billion-dollar industry, and this Valentine’s Day there is a good chance you’re going to be supporting the industry. Floriculture includes production of cut flowers, potted flowering plants, foliage plants, bedding and garden plants, cut cultivated greens, and floriculture materials. Annually, about 34% of consumers purchase fresh flowers and 20% buy houseplants. […]

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