Women In Agriculture

The number of women in agriculture has grown significantly over the last few decades. Today nearly 1 million women in the United States are farmers, making up nearly one-third of farmers.  From the field to the lab to the boardroom, women are paving the way for the future of agriculture. AgHires is part of the […]

10 Gallon Challenge, Times 10: AgHires Donates 100 Gallons of Milk

  To help support the Dairy Industry and give back to the community, AgHires donated 100 gallons of milk to SeaGate Food Bank of Toledo. We want to challenge you to join to 10 Gallon Challenge too. Purchase 10 gallons of milk from your local grocery store and donate them to a local food bank […]

A Sheep Produce 2-30 lbs. of Wool a Year

Raising sheep is one of the oldest organized industries, beginning during biblical times. Domestication began 10,000 years ago in Central Asia and people started spinning wool around 3,500 B.C. They were brought to North America with Christopher Columbus, but during the 16th and 17th centuries they were smuggled into the United States to develop the […]

It Takes 2 Million Flowers to Make 1 lb. of Honey

Bees are very important to agriculture, not only because of their delicious honey. About 80 percent of insect crop pollination is achieved by bees, according to the USDA. Almonds are completely dependent on bees to pollinate the crop. Many other crops, such as apples, avocados, blueberries, and sunflowers, are 90% dependent on honey bees. One-third […]

August is National Peach Month

In 1982 President Ronald Regan declared August as National Peach Month, so we’re celebrating this month with fun facts about peaches. Not only is the entire month dedicated to peaches, but August 22nd is Eat a Peach Day and August 24th is National Peach Pie Day. So, whether you enjoy the fresh fruit or baking […]

History of Ag Machinery & Technology

American agriculture has made some great strides and advancements. Check out the timeline below of the agricultural machinery and technology to see how far we’ve really come within the industry. Want more Agriculture Facts? Click here Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get your weekly dose of Ag Facts.

16 Chicken Facts

Want more Agriculture Facts? Click here Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get your weekly dose of Ag Facts.

20 Mouthwatering Watermelon Facts

There are over one hundred thousand acres of watermelons grown in the states, producing over 40 million pounds a year. Watermelons are grown across the United States, the top four states include Texas, Florida, Georgia and California. It takes a watermelon 80 to 95 days to become full-grown. It is ready to harvest when the […]

9 Memes Any Job Seeker Can Relate To

Everything from filling out applications to going through the interview process, searching for a job can be a long, frustrating task. Some times it helps just to laugh, so we found 10 memes almost any job seeker can relate to.   1. Find your ideal job, but it was filled before you could even apply? Don’t […]

20 Avocado Facts

Have you jumped on the avocado bandwagon? From guacamole to toast to ice cream, this fruit sure is versatile. Check out 20 more facts we found about that deliciously creamy fruit. Avocados are a fruit, not a vegetable Avocado comes from the Spanish word “aguacate,” which came from the Aztec word “ahuacatl” which means testicle. […]