Facts about Agricultural Cooperatives

October is National Co-op Month. According to CoopMonth.com, this year’s theme is “Co-ops Commit: Diversity, Equality, Inclusion,” to highlight that “co-ops are creating diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces and boards, and how co-ops can better meet the needs of communities that have been excluded from economic participation and advancement.” Agricultural cooperatives have made a major […]

14 Pumpkin Facts

As we enter into the fall season, we’re starting to see pumpkins starting to pop up on porches for fall décor. A fairly new fall decoration trend you may have noticed is white pumpkins. Did you know there are other colors of pumpkins? Check out these pumpkin facts. The word pumpkin comes from the Greek […]

Cheese Facts

Cheese is one of the most popular foods around the world. It’s a versatile ingredient in many dishes and it’s even delicious on its own as a snack. Cheese is the resulting product of curdling milk and separating the liquid from the solid. We’ll learn more about how milk is made later. History Cheese has […]

Arizona Agriculture Facts

Arizona’s agriculture has an interesting history. Agriculture in the state predates statehood by about 1,000 years. A tribe of HohoKam had a thriving farming community long before Arizona became a state in 1912. The tribe created an elaborate network of water canals that were used for irrigation, among other things, and it’s still used today. […]

20 Sunflower Facts

You may have seen the fields of sunflowers in full bloom in August or the at least the pictures on social media. These flowers are more than just a beautiful photo-op. Farmers grow sunflowers for their seeds to make sunflower seed oil and for consumption. Check out these 20 facts about sunflowers. Sunflowers are native […]

Cabbage Facts

Cabbage is one of the hardiest vegetables to exist. It can be stored and prepared at a later date, which makes it a staple of many diets and cultures. Because of this, the crop has been shown in movies and television shows that are set in the winter. Many recipes and foods are cabbage-based, such […]

Cool Celery Facts

Ants on a Log is a popular summer snack. It takes just three ingredients to make this tasty treat: celery, peanut butter, and raisins or chocolate chips. But celery has been around long before this snack was created. The veggie was first cultivated in the Mediterranean about 3,000 years ago. With this long history, there […]

Super Sage Facts

Sage has been growing in popularity as people use the herb to smudge and clear the atmosphere of their homes. Smudging has contributed to the sale of sage, and more than 125,000 pounds of the herb are sold in the United States each year. Check out more super facts about sage. Sage is member of […]

Pleasant Plum Facts

Plums are a sweet summertime treat. The fruit is often used in baking and can be used to make jam, juice, and wine. Dried plums are called prunes and are also a delicious snack. But did you know that plums can be pickled? Check out more pleasant plum facts. Plums are the second most cultivated […]

Elderberry Facts

As people become more health-conscious, superfoods are all the rage. The elderberry is one such food. From ancient history to today, the elderberry has been used to treat a variety of ailments. The ancient Egyptians used the berry to heal burns and improve complexion while Native Americans used the berry to treat infections. Today, the […]

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