250 Million lbs. of Pecans are Produced Each Year in the U.S.

Since pecans are native to North America, it’s no surprise that over 80% of the world’s pecans come from the United States. The U.S. produces between 250 and 300 million pounds of pecans each year. Commercially, the nuts are grown in 15 states including, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North […]

July is National Ice Cream Month

July was declared National Ice Cream Month in 1984 by President Regan, with the 3rd Sunday in the month being National Ice Cream Day. It’s no surprise the United States has a National Ice Cream month and day since we are the second largest consumers of the cool treat. The U.S. only follows New Zealand, […]

16 Facts About Your Favorite Fourth of July Foods

Part of the reason July is National Grilling Month is the popular tradition of cooking out for the 4th of July. Everything from the burgers on the grill to your grandma’s famous potato salad to the ice-cold beer in the cooler, agriculture has played apart in your celebration. Check out these 16 facts about your […]

50 Agriculture State Facts

Did you know agriculture plays a big part in every state? From the California to the New York island, agriculture is there. Check out these 50 facts about each state.  Alabama’s top row crop is cotton. Peaches are the leading fruit. Alaska harvested 62% of the commercial seafood in 2007. Each year, Arizona grows enough cotton […]

Tomato: Fruit or Vegetable

There is a major debate that has been happening for generations… Is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable? We’re going to try to clear up some things for you. The Science Botanically speaking the tomato is a fruit. The biggest tell is that they contain seeds, which means they are developed from the ovary […]

Milk From the Cow to the Shelf

June is National Dairy Month. It’s time to celebrate the cows and farmers that raise them. Without them what would we eat on our cereal or enjoy on cone? From the Cow to the Shelf Most cows are milked 2 or 3 times a day using milking machines, which only takes minutes. Before the milking machine […]

20 Olive Facts

June 1st is National Olive Day. While you’re celebrating the day with your olive pizza, your salad with olive oil dressing or just a bowl of round treats, check out these 20 fun facts about the fruit. (Yep, I said fruit) The olive is a vegetable, but a fruit. These trees are believed to have […]

Wine is Made from Over 1,300 Grape Varieties

    May 25th is National Wine Day! Without grapes, we wouldn’t have wine! Currently, over 1,300 grape varieties are being used to make wine around the world. Nearly 18 million acres of vineyards cover the globe. While we have been cultivating grapes for 8,000 years, it is believed that grapes have been around for over […]

Americans Consume 2.5 Million Tons of Walnuts a Year

If you’re a lover of walnuts, either as a snack, in your dessert, or in your salad, May 18th is a day to celebrate. It’s National Walnut day! The average American consumes 2.5 million tons of the nut each year, so you’re not alone in your love. History Walnuts are one of the known oldest […]

Baseball and Agriculture Infographic

Baseball and Agriculture Facts Want more Agriculture Facts? Click here Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get your weekly dose of Ag Facts.   Sources: FarmFlavor.com Hot Dog.org Texas Farm Bureau Reference.com