Ready-To-Hire Candidates

AgHires constantly interacts with agricultural candidates. Below is a select list of candidates that have been pre-screened, interviewed, and come highly recommended by an AgHires Expert Recruiter.

To talk with a candidate regarding potential employment please reach out to or call 844-Ag-Hires using the referral number.


SUMMARY: Agronomist with experience working with a variety of crops such as corn, hay, barley, sugar beets, beans, alfalfa, almonds, pistachios, and more. Has also worked in operations as a Farm Foreman, been in research roles, and is now working on a large nut production operation. Previously worked at the USDA for approximately 15 years. Has a B.S. in Agricultural Systems and an M.S. in Agronomy.

SUMMARY: Agronomist with 3 years of strong agronomy experience working primarily with potatoes. He has also worked with a variety of other crops including peas, dry edible beans, wheat, corn, alfalfa, and small grains. Other responsibilities have included managing the potato sugar analysis lab, developing yield maximization plans, and scouting/managing disease, weeds, and fertilizer. Has worked directly with customers and is also interested in a sales role.

SUMMARY: Graduated in 2017 with a B.S. in Crop and Soil Science.  Has great work and internship experience. Has experience in research, field scouting, soil sampling and more.

SUMMARY: Farm Manager most recently overseeing a few thousand acres of pistachios and managing 6-12 full-time employees as well as some seasonal and contract labor. Has a diverse agriculture background where he has worked with crops such as corn, alfalfa, melons, cotton, almonds, pistachios, and hay while he also has worked with dairies and feedlot cattle. This candidate is very mechanically inclined and has maintained tractors, heavy equipment, and machinery. Has a B.S. in Animal Science and is currently pursuing an MBA. Is also a fluent Spanish speaker.

SUMMARY: Strong Farm Management background working hands-on with a variety of vegetables including potatoes, green beans, onions, peppers, squash, cowpea, and okra. This candidate has lead and managed an entire farming operation. Very open to relocating.

SUMMARY: This progressive thinking candidate has worked with multiple large farming operations including a 50,000 acre 100% irrigated corn, soybean, wheat, cotton, and peanut operation. He has experience managing employees and working closely with land owners. Open to relocating to the south or southeast.

SUMMARY: This candidates has 25+ years experience at a large commercial farm. This senior farm manager’s specialty is in row crop with experience in center pivot, irrigation and agronomy. 

SUMMARY: This candidates has 10+ years’ management experience in specialty crop and row crop. This candidate also has experience with irrigation, equipment maintenance and equipment operation.

SUMMARY: Currently oversees operation of 15,000 acres of wheat, potatoes, peas, and alfalfa, as well as oversees the shipping facility and manages 13 full-time employees. This candidates also has past experience with corn and onions. 

SUMMARY: This candidate managed 5 full-time employees on a large 100% irrigated, 50,000 acre operation which included corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, and peanuts. This farm manager worked closely with landlords, operated equipment as needed, and managed the agronomy side. This candidate also has strong mechanical skills. Previously worked full-time as an operator/mechanic on a farm while finishing up school, and moved into specializing as an Irrigation Technician. Looking for a Farm Production/Management role. Grew up in and around the Ag industry-coming from a family owned pecan operation.

SUMMARY: Candidate has a history of working with many specialty crops and finished a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics and a B.S. in Agriculture Business. This agronomist has been involved in quality assurance, farm management, grower relations, food and farm safety, etc. This candidate has people management experience and has worked heavily with specialty crops including table grapes, citrus, carrots, potatoes, and blueberries. The candidate is bilingual (English/Spanish).

Related Titles: Agronomist, Assistant Farm Manager, Quality Control/Assurance (specialty crops), Grower Relations


SUMMARY: Currently a Contractor working as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic. Rebuilds and maintains military track vehicles to be sold to the Marine Corp and repairs and handles all the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and diagnostic work. Previously worked with two different farms as an Equipment Operator/Mechanic . This candidate has a good amount of experience with Agricultural equipment including irrigation equipment. Grew up around large family farm, which totals about 20,000 acres of wheat, corn, peanuts, rye and cover crops. Supervised 5-10 employees on the farms and has basic supervisory experience.

SUMMARY: This candidate has a BA in Mechanical Engineering and 4+ years’ experience working at a manufacturer of engines and generators doing product testing, modeling, design work, and more. 


SUMMARY: Grew up on a horse rescue farm and assisted on neighbor’s dairy operation. Currently working as a full-time Milker. Seeking a leading herd manager role with opportunity for growth. Strong history of milking, dealing with mastitis, hoof trimming, vaccinations, etc. Great personality and enthusiastic about working directly with dairy cows.

SUMMARY: Grew up on a 7th generation grain farm. Degree in Agricultural Business with a Minor in Accounting. Diverse experience including corn research, scouting fields, and accounting. Seeking financial career in the Agriculture Industry.

Food Processing

SUMMARY: 17 years’ experience working in purchasing, buying, and logistics in the food industry. Has worked with a variety of products from fresh to frozen as well as packaging. Has sourced throughout the United States and globally and maintained a large list of customer and vendor relationships.


SUMMARY: Grew up on a small dairy farm in Northern California. Obtaining PhD in Veterinary Medicine with Poultry Specialty July 2018. Passionate about the Poultry Industry and working directly with producers.

SUMMARY: Grew up on a poultry production farm along with showpigs. Obtaining DVM May 2018. Self-motivated and confident speaker. Very passionate about increasing poultry production practices.

SUMMARY: Grew up on a horse rescue farm and assisted on neighbor’s dairy operation. Currently working as a full-time Milker. Seeking a leading herd manager role with opportunity for growth. Strong history of milking, dealing with mastitis, hoof trimming, vaccinations, etc. Great personality and enthusiastic about working directly with dairy cows.

SUMMARY: Grew up on a small dairy operation in Ohio. Currently Project Manager to increase Agricultural Production in Africa and manages 7-15 employees. Enjoys working with a team and bringing new practices and ideas to an operation.

SUMMARY: This candidate is very versatile, having a background in Animal Science and crops. This candidate has managed 4000+ sow farrowing sites, managed an AI lab, all involved with swine. Open to relocating, preferably in the South or Midwest. Has a great mechanical background and has people management experience.

SUMMARY: Has 5+ years of industry experience, with PhD in Dairy Science. This candidate also grew up on a small dairy operation.  Looking for more field experience, but would eventually like to get back into research and development. 


SUMMARY: Currently working at a local cooperative as an Agronomy Account Manager. Has a B.S. in Crop and Soil Science. Has several years of Sales Agronomist experience and currently oversees all Agronomy in the location. Looking to grow career, is constantly cold calling and knocking on doors to seek new business

SUMMARY: Grew up in and around the Ag Industry as family ran a farming operation along with raising hogs. Recently a Regional Sales Manager that managed a large territory along with driving new business. Extremely smart and speaks with confidence.

SUMMARY: A well-seasoned, 8+ years in the Chemical/Seed Sales Industry covering a large 3 county territory. This candidate grew up on a farm and offers a variety experience within multiple industries including cattle, chemical, and seed industry. Extremely strong sales background and willingness to drive new business and expand territory’s.

SUMMARY: This candidate has 20+ years’ sales experience in crop protection with grain and specialty crop in B2B and B2C. Has managed and lead large sales teams with Midwest and National accounts.

SUMMARY: Has 20+ years’ experience in sales, business development, and operations in the Agricultural Machinery sector.

SUMMARY: This candidate has experience as a B2B sales manager for hay and forage products in the western territory. Has led a team of manufacture representatives selling to dealers and distributors.

SUMMARY: This sales executive has 30+ years’ experience leading large sales teams in large territories in the U.S. and Canada. This candidates has experience with animal health and grain. 

SUMMARY: Introduced to Agriculture in 1996 in an agronomy sales role. Experience in agronomy, sales, marketing, business development, and project management for numerous Agriculture companies. Previously held national sales role along with business development. Open to working in Ohio remotely from home and can travel. Will be open to relocating anywhere in the Midwest in a year.

SUMMARY: This strong sales leader has 8+ years in the Seed Sales Industry covering regional to national territories and sales teams. This strong sales and marketing leader grew up on a crop and livestock operation in Western Indiana and offers a variety experience within multiple industries including, cattle, sheep, swine and seed industry.

Merchandising / Broker

SUMMARY: This candidate has 7+ years of grain merchandising experience. Diverse agricultural background working on cattle operation, managing local cooperative, grain merchandising, and branch manager for a rural bank. Actively seeking an agricultural role that doesn’t require relocation.

SUMMARY: This candidate recently obtained MBA and has 5+ years of grain merchandising experience. Grew up in a farming community in North Central Ohio with a background in construction and managing for family business for 20 years. Strongly enjoys all aspects of grain merchandising and working directly with growers to develop marketing strategies.


SUMMARY: Grew up on a small dairy farm. Extremely self-motivated with experience in communications, marketing, PR, media work, writing articles, etc. for numerous Ag companies. Previously moved up into an Editor role with a leading dairy publication. Open to working in South Dakota or remotely from home and can travel monthly.

SUMMARY: Currently a Farm Technician/Research Assistant for an oyster operation collecting/analyzing data along with assisting with lab and field work. Strong interest in a Data Analyst or Financial Analyst within the Agricultural and/or Food Production Industry. University of Florida graduate with a Master’s of Science in Food and Resource Economics. Open to relocating.

If you don’t see a candidate listed that fits your needs, contact us and let our experts find you several strong candidates to choose from.

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