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AgHires is a recruiting, job posting website, and HR company for the Agriculture and Food Production industries. AgHires helps agribusinesses, farms, grain operations, specialty crops, food processors, livestock, biotechnology and other relatable businesses hire employees. We’re dedicated to connecting top talent with the top employers. We understand what it takes to find the right people and we’re determined to help you succeed. We grew up in the industry, we’re beyond passionate for agriculture and food production, and we’re working hard to promote its culture and showcasing what the industry has to offer.

For agricultural and food production employers, we provide a variety of recruiting services from simply job postings, to sourcing candidates for a flat fee, to exclusive contingency and pride ourselves on developing tailored solutions. We work hard to understand who you are, where you’re taking your business and we actively promote your company to job seekers to attract top talent. Our dedicated recruiting team takes care of all the details from developing clearly written job postings to creating targeted recruitment ads in social media to headhunting passive candidates.

How it all began


Lori (Lennard) Culler

Do what you love and love what you do. Words I live by. Hi, I’m Lori Culler (Lennard) founder and owner of AgHires. I grew up in and around the Agricultural Industry. Our family farm is a  3rd generation potato, tomato and grain operation in Southeast Michigan and Northern Indiana. It all began with one man, an entrepreneur at heart with the determination to start a potato farm in Michigan, which in the 1940’s was not very common. My Grandfather was the man behind our operation building Michigan’s first refrigerated potato storage among other notable expectations. Like any farm kid, I was expected to “earn my keep” from sorting potatoes to spraying weeds around the grain bins I was taught the meaning behind hard, honest work.

After graduating from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management, my early career was in HR along with recruiting and management consulting outside of the Agriculture Industry. While working with our family farm hiring their talent and building their organizational structure I quickly realized the lack of resources in the industry. I became equally frustrated with the shortage of key tools to support the Agricultural world. And that’s what launched AgHires.

I wanted more, and we as an Agricultural whole, we deserve more. More tools, more resources, more all-star candidates! My continued vision for AgHires is to provide Farms and Agribusiness’s of all sizes the right support to find and hire top talent. Here at AgHires, we pride ourselves on being selective and simplifying the hiring process for our clients. In addition, we offer a number of customizable hiring solutions that fit the needs of each client we partner with. My team and I are humbled by each partnership and we work closely with the client to determine which service(s) best fits their hiring needs.

How can we support your hiring needs? Contact me directly at lori@aghires.com

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