Job searching can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start. Use these 6 job search tips to help you refreshing your search.

  1. Networking is an essential part to finding the perfect job. Utilize Social Media. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to let people know that you are searching for a position. If you’re not privately searching, posting to your social networks what you are looking for is a great form of networking.
  2. Your resume is not set in stone. Rework your resume to fill the position you are searching for. Modify the wording, added in keywords that might appear in the job description, and switch bullet points around. Do the same with your LinkedIn and AgHires profiles. This will help recruiters find your resume for the right position.
  3. Don’t be boring. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be professional and articulate, but you should be charming. Memorizing interview questions and having a cliché resume won’t help you stand out. Be yourself, the best, polished version of yourself.
  4. Have an online presence. Make sure you have professional profiles posted on job boards, like, plus you should have a LinkedIn account. Having an online presence will help recruiters, such as AgHires recruiters find you for that perfect job. LinkedIn and other job boards can be an important tool in today’s job search, so make sure you fill out an AgHire profile today. Click here to create a profile now.
  5. Apply to several jobs. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be selective, but you should find as many suitable opportunities as possible to maximize the chance of getting hired.
  6. Use your phone, as in make a phone call. If you’ve applied to a position and haven’t heard back after a few days, it doesn’t hurt to make a follow up call. You might not always be able to find the phone number, but if you can, make the call. This could also give you the opportunity to begin building a relationship and let your personality shine through.

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